Batman Forever: The Arcade Game Retro Review

batman Real Talk By: KJ

Batman Forever The Arcade Game. This isn’t what you played on Snes or Genesis. Enter a completely different experience. For starters, it doesn’t feel like a poor man’s Mortal Kombat, nor does it offer abysmal platforming. This is simply a Coin-op arcade title. I was able to play this game in a movie theater lobby a long time ago. It’s really cool as a youth, the bright colors, gadgets, sweet. How does it hold up now? I’m reviewing the Playstation 1 port. This version of Forever can be found on Sega Saturn as well. The combat’s actually solid considering the genre it’s in. You play as Batman or Robin. Their moves are completely different from each other. Robin can do this bizarre spinning flash kick (which can be spammed) that will lock an enemy into a lengthy combo. You can (and we easily did) reach a combo at 150 hits. Batman delivers devastating haymakers sending foes flying. Throwing guys at the screen reminds us of Turtles in Time, and plenty of in-game items gave us the Final Fight/Double Dragon vibe.

If it wasn’t for the fact thugs will lock you into ridiculous combos that can take all your life immediately, this would be one of the easiest brawlers. Forever Arcade was designed to absorb quarters after all, but there’s smarter ways of doing that. Even still, powerful as you are in the game it almost cancels out the cheapness of the foes you’ll face. Batman arcade runs on super speed always. It’s like someone turned on a turbo cheat and forget to turn it off.

Movie quotes are thrown throughout the game including my personal favorite. Many of the levels are trippy, filled with bizarre gangsters and even weirder powerups. Other than the quotes inserted into the game, you could make the argument that developer ‘Iguana’ didn’t even watch the movie. The super moves players get when their meter is full, activates automatically once you’ve collected enough bat coins. There will be times when the room has already been dispatched of enemies, and then it goes off. Wasteful. Robin somehow levitates into the air, as energy shoots out of his body. Batman stays grounded but shares a similar move. We’re pretty sure he didn’t do that in the movies, nor any comic book known to man.


Maybe if this was another series it would have been more acceptable. Forever is like the NBA JAM of Side Scrolling beat em ups. You can even enter codes before stages in a similar fashion. Levels show Two face’s Quarter on-screen. Depending on the side it lands, will decide particular power ups. Crazy things happen. Batman and Robin instantly get super tall or tiny. Other upgrades duplicate players giving you four extra Batmen that strike when you do. Explosive Batarangs, and grappling hook attacks are just a few of the goodies thrown into the game keeping the game moving. When beating the game (which will take an hour tops), there isn’t a thing else to do. Since this is a home version of the game we expected a little more. Too bad enemies are repeated like crazy with a couple of color swaps.

Batman is an intense character. The gameplay simply doesn’t match up with the style of this hero. The game’s turbo speed, many of the items and most certainly the super moves belong in a different game. Going into this title, knowing these truths will help you get the most out of it. The game doesn’t take itself too serious and players shouldn’t either. At the end of the day this is supposed to represent Batman, and the movie it’s licensed from. That goal simply wasn’t accomplished. As standalone beat em up though, it is some silly fun.

Batman Forever: The Arcade Game Gets


Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+Some gadgets are really cool

+Silly fun

What’s Perpetrating?

-Over the top gameplay doesn’t match the source

-Cheap enemies

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3 thoughts on “Batman Forever: The Arcade Game Retro Review”

  1. This game is absolutely insane. That Robin spam Flash Kick thing is something that once figured out, lets you cakewalk through the game. I really think Jim Carrey broke into the game studio and designed this one while the developers were away, it’s absolutely crazy!


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