Monthly High Scores I August 2013


Reported By: KJ

The Play Legit Fam is ranking not only the Game of the Month, and Trailer,  but other cool Happenings in the world of entertainment. Its one big Arcade cabinet. Who Earned the most points?

Breaking Bad returned and the Wii U (finally) received another major game release. A new Sam Fisher emerged. What rocked our culture in the month of August?

Game of the Month: Splinter Cell: Blacklist


I reviewed Splinter Cell: Blacklist. While moaning about the removal of the legit Michael Ironside from the proceedings, the game plays rather smooth. Tight controls, and a fun revival of Spies vs Mercs. UbiSoft has made a game that will be hard to trade in. Check the full video review Right here!

Breaking Bad Returned

BB season 5

Breaking Bad Returned to kick off the last episodes. I can truly say, that this has been some of the best TV ive seen in a while. It’ll be a sad day when the show ends, but the ride has been quite suspenseful. Sons of Anarchy is coming back too, guess the awesome isn’t getting cut off completely. Check it out BB’s last hurrahs Sundays on AMC.

Nintendo 2DS


Nintendo is dropping a new DS designed to coincide with the release of Pokémon X, and Y. The 2DS has the same capabilities as the earlier 3DS, but it lacks the Stereoscopic effect. No 3D at all. But hey, the handheld will only cost $129.99. Gamers are most certainly taking the good with the bad this time around. Are you planning on buying this device?



The buzz has been mainly negative toward WB’s Batman casting choice. In the previously announced Superman/Batman crossover movie, Joining Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill, will be Ben Affleck as Batman. I couldn’t even imagine the hate mail Affleck is acquiring now. While I would have preferred a different person filling the role, I think he’ll be on his A game regardless. He can sure direct a movie, but this will be the greatest challenge of his career.

Pettis vs Henderson (UFC 164)

-Fox Sports

Whether or not some feel Benson Henderson took his opponent serious, is up in the air. What we know is “Smooth” Henderson has dominated the competition in his weight class for a bit. One man had his number in the past. He’s Anthony Pettis.  Mr. Showtime was able to make “Bendo” tap via armbar at 3:31 of Round 1. This was a major title change, so that’s why the achievement sits so high on our monthly cabinet.



The best movie of August. Period. While people love to compare it to District 9, we feel that it’s just a fun Sci-Fi movie in its own right. It had glorious special effects, and a plot that makes you consider the future. Matt Damon always gives a great performance, and Jodie Foster was a superb villain. Ultimately the standout performance, was from the Exo-suited up: Sharlto Copley. His fowl mouthed character made him a baddie anyone would love to hate.

CM Punk Vs Brock Lesnar (Summerslam 2013)


This Event rocked the Buffalo Wild Wings where various Play Legit members watched. SummerSlam itself outdid WrestleMania 29 in a major way. Plenty of stand out matches took place, including a solid main event with John Cena taking on Daniel Bryan. Highest point of the night, was Brock Lesnar vs CM Punk. Since both have martial arts backgrounds, their awesome moves were put on display. It had that attitude era vibe, and that’s BA .

Trailer of the Month: Titanfall Gameplay Video


From our Gamescom Top 5 trailer article, we picked Titanfall then, and we’re picking it now. “Parkour action, sci-fi weapons, and smooth gameplay. All elements that could make a great game, if done properly that is. How about those Titans? In the clip we see more of everything mentioned. Did you watch the mech zap a man into oblivion? Check it out at the 2:28 mark. Just brutal.” Indeed I was excited from the gameplay video. Everything just looks incredibly polished.


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