Gamescom’s Top 5 Trailers


Reported By: KJ

We put the Trailer of the week on ice this time because more videos needed recognition. A special event just came to a close. More details were revealed on games previously announced, and new surprises emerged. Here’s our top five trailers released during the Gamescom celebration.

5. The Division – Companion Trailer

This video shows us a new form of multiplayer. Help out your amigos big time, with a simple tap of the finger.

4. Thief Trailer

Listen to the powerful speech delivered in this clip. If that alone doesn’t inspire you to buy Thief, then the coin snatching will.

3. Dead Rising 3 – CG Trailer

All CG. We know. Still its a very good representation of what’s expected in the world of Dead Rising 3. Zombies that shoot back, more interesting protagonists, and new weapon combinations all round out the fun.

2. Batman Arkham Origins Gamescom Trailer

Since Batman is inexperienced at this point, it’ll be interesting to see how he takes care of Gotham’s goons. This clip gives us a little taste. We still shed tears for Wii U owners, getting denied the full experience.

1.Titanfall – Gamescom Gameplay Demo

Parkour action, sci-fi weapons, and smooth gameplay. All elements that could make a great game, if done properly. How about those Titans? In the clip we see more of everything mentioned. Did you see the mech zap a man into oblivion? Check it out at the 2:28 mark. Just brutal.

Honorable Mention: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

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