Player Gamer’s Ball #10: Wii U’s Third-Party Punks

Select third-party publishers are cutting corners on the Wii U audience, yet still charging premium prices for their games. Ms. Throwback lays down the law in this crucial PGB podcast.

The Bonus Point:

Obviously this is disappointing to Wii U owners everywhere, especially since just last year they received the best version of the previous title in ‘Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition’. For more on this trifling situation check out the video below.

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2 thoughts on “Player Gamer’s Ball #10: Wii U’s Third-Party Punks

  1. Gosh darn these foos! why can’t this multiplayer stuff be on lock? this is 2013 son? you really need to have multiplayer online everything in every game. especially batman? this should have been the first discussion when these people sat down in the planning room. Let’s hope for the best.


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