Wii U: Donkey Kong Virtual Console Review


Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Until August 13th you can grab up one of the most classic games of all time, Donkey Kong original, for only thirty cents.  As one of Nintendo’s first attempts to break into the North American market Donkey Kong is a timeless reminder of the beginnings of video game history.  Donkey Kong lead the way for endless sequels in the franchise including one to be released for the Wii U this coming November 2013.  The game  is considered to be the earliest video game with a story line, while Donkey Kong himself becomes a hero in later games in his franchise, his original appearance was of a villain who kidnaps princess Pauline and the player is forced to overcome obstacles to save the princess.  While the game is named after Donkey Kong the player actually takes control of Mario, who was also first introduced in this game and was originally called jump man.  Can you imagine if they hadn’t come up with a better name?

The controls for the downloaded version are surprisingly easy, I have played versions ported to other systems and haven’t had the controls work nearly as well.  As is traditional Mario starts at the bottom of the screen and has to work his way to the top by climbing ladders and platforming, all while avoiding the onslaught of barrel’s and fireballs that Donkey Kong throws his way.  While the main goal is to make it through the levels without losing Mario’s lives many hardcore players of the series have made it a priority to make as many points as possible while completing the stages and claim their victory via high score.  Either way this port to the Wii U system allows you all the nostalgic nature with updates visuals and sound.


The download looks absolutely stunning in true high definition on a widescreen television.  While Donkey Kong was never necessarily a stunning game visually, this time around it presents a slightly stylish feeling with the vibrant colors radiating off of its black backdrop.  The music and sound will take the player back into a plethora of memories.  It really is a good feeling replaying this old title with a slightly new feel and it’s something players can pick up and set back down at a whim or introduce to friends during a fun night in.

Donkey Kong has taken strides since its original release in 1981, and this is definitely a title to own.  At the thirty cent price point it just doesn’t get any easier to buy a masterpiece that will always be in our hearts.  While I was hoping for some added content, Nintendo didn’t disappoint with this re-release and price point.  It’s something worth picking up while you have the chance and enjoying it for years to come.

Donkey Kong Gets


Out of five

What’s Legit

+Visuals do well in high def

+Great sound quality

+Good controls

What’s Perpetrating

-When will they throw in some exclusive stuff on these titles?

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