Player Gamer’s Ball #9: The Comic-Con 2013 address

Vex shares his thoughts on the major comic-con announcements, and goes on a real talk rant. A few comic book movies are getting skewered in this Podcast. We want to know your thoughts on this years event.

The Bonus Point:

KJ Says: Comic-con had some nice movie announcements. I look forward to the ‘Days of Future Past’ X-men film. My hype meter is on an avengers 2 level. I’m excited to see Bishop, and hopefully Cable on the big screen. It looks like were going to get real sentinels this time, rather than the Danger room head cop-out scene in ‘The Last Stand’. Another one coming soon is the Robocop reboot. While I like that this Murphy will have more of a mental battle between his mind and the robot programming, it’s a huge disappointment that the series gets nerfed again to a PG-13 rating. Hey MGM, im pretty sure kids will still buy the toys even if its R.

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