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Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Game & Wario, which was released for the Nintendo Wii U, is the next game in the series of party games which Wario has become well-known for.  Nintendo has set the precedent for party games in the past, with Wario being the central star.   This time Wario is designing games himself for his company Warioware Inc. and has set out to make the best collection of games Diamond City had ever seen.  Game & Wario offers a total of sixteen mini-games, twelve of which are single player and four multiplayer titles with the option to play with up to five players.  The unique feature of the game is that it exclusively uses the Wii U game pad and has no use for any other Wii remotes.

The title does, for the most part, make good use of the capabilities of the Wii U game pad by having players tilt the game pad to guide a child through obstacles, use the stylus on the screen to follow instructions and create the best drawing, Use the buttons to create rhythmic patterns that the following players must repeat in order and add more themselves, or launch characters onto a scoring zone to compete for the most points.  Overall it follows the pattern of previous Wario games with short entertaining skits that challenge the players to compete faster, better, and more precisely than ever before.


Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like this time around Nintendo took much care in creating the mini-games.  Some of the games are ultra fun, interactive, and quirky and several of them are just downright boring.  It leaves the player with something to be desired the entire time they are playing Sometimes you’ll just want to get past certain mini games to get to the more entertaining ones.  One of the most frustrating parts is that the title asks you to use the Wii U game pad to make precise movements that are almost impossible to achieve.  Using the Wii remotes would have been much more efficient, and has been in the past.

Overall the great Wario feel is still there with interesting artistic style, funky music, and silly sound effects.  Originally this title was supposed to be preloaded on the Wii U at launch and it was later decided that it would launch as a completely separate game.  It wasn’t even a Wario game to start with, though Nintendo decided to turn it into a Wario game once the Wii U had a launch date.  Unfortunately these disappointing facts show through as we play the game and honestly the whole thing could have been pitched from jump street and most of us would have been able to live without it.  Although it’s one of the worst Wario games I’ve ever played I can say that even for a last-minute confusing decision the game does have some entertainment value.  It wasn’t completely a loss, but it is a sad disappointment for Wario fans.  In the end the breakdown shows a game that’s too short and not enough fun, rent it don’t buy it.

Game & Wario Gets: 


Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+Good use of the Wii U game pad for the most part

+The humor and art style of Wario is still there

+Music and sound is good

What’s Perpetrating?

-Some of the mini games are totally boring

-The game is way too short

-Not nearly as well thought out as other titles in the series

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