Player Gamers Ball #6: E3 2013’s Losers

Who dropped the ball at E3 2013?

The Bonus Point:

Vex says: “Gamers in general were losers, some more than others. The behavior of fanboys during this past E3 really made us look like a bunch of emotional idiots. We want to be viewed as mature, but have grown men writing blogs that make us look prepubescent. Splinter Cell Blacklist lost heavy this E3, never has my interest for this franchise been so low. First they brag about the return of spies vs mercs mode as if it’s a new addition to the game. Lame. It should have been there in Conviction. The new voice actor for Sam cant even hold a candle to Ironside, its like were paying for a generic B-movie version. Graphics wise i’m baffled, why does the game look like a launch title from this gen?”

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Discuss ‘Splinter Cell: Blacklist’ with vex @Vexamillion_TLR


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