Dragon Age: Inquisition Speculation


Real Talk By: EC

It’s been 2 years since the release of Dragon Age 2, and Bioware has kept the lid on tight. What they had in store for the series was a mystery. Only leaving the fans a few bread crumbs every now and again. Making sure we know that something big is coming, was part of their game-plan. A few months ago an open letter from Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah was posted on the official Bioware website in regards to what’s to come in the series and to let us know that he cares about us. He and Bioware take great consideration in what the fans have to say. He continued to mention that the new addition to the series will be running on the Frostbite 2 engine. The letter alone had me on the edge of my seat, but then at E3, all the waiting and teasing finally came to an end when they revealed a teaser trailer.

Speculation! (spoilers)

Was that Varric in the middle of a battlefield? What is his part in all that war? Well I know that isn’t the question or focus of the trailer. It’s Morrigan!  She’s back and probably has brought hell with her! When she disappeared into that mirror, “never to be seen again” in Dragon Age Origins: Witch Hunt,  I felt betrayed yet hopeful she’d return. and that maybe our offspring would become a main character in later games, and now she’s back and with the events of dragon age 2 spanning across roughly 10 years, the little bugger should totally be old enough to kill bandits, darkspawn, and dragons! Morrigan spoke of a great change last we saw her, and sure enough the game that she returns in takes place after the epic Templar vs. Mage battle in Kirkwall and the name of the game is called Inquisition. How did she foresee this? What’s her and the child’s role in this war? Is Flemeth really dead and will she return too? Will the Warden Return? Enchantment? We’ll find out Fall of Next year.

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