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Ms. Throwback’s Nintendo Direct E3 2013 Reaction

Mario Kart 8 will give an insane new perspective with anti-gravity effects. It reminds me of a little F Zero and a sprinkle of Diddy Kong Racing.

First Party Nintendo DS Titles

Pokemon titles are always a strong seller for Nintendo and this new 3DS title is sure to be a hit.  It combines the action of Pokemon with the love and care of Nintendogs.  Seeing how both these games have had phenomenal response I think they have this one in the bag.  I’m a bit disappointed by the initial display of visuals for the game.  They could do major updates to the bland nature of the title with the power of the 3DS but it isn’t a finished product until October.  I think the interaction with your Pokemon is a good thing, it makes sense, they have always been your pets and now we can be more involved with the care of those poor  creatures who have been stuck in their Poke-ball all these years.

Super Mario 3D World looks like an insane amount of fun.  I have one thing to say, cheetah costume! whaaaaat, okay they did put a meowing sound at the end of the trailer so maybe it’s supposed to be a cat.  Whatever it is it looks amazingly awesome as Mario along with Luigi, Peach, and Toad run on all fours through the colorful landscape.  Four players can compete and each character has its own unique abilities for the first time since Super Mario 2 for the NES.  Look for this title this coming holiday season.

First Party Nintendo Wii U Titles 

Since when has a Mario Kart game not been amazing? Mario Kart 8 will give an insane new perspective with anti-gravity effects.  It reminds me of a little F Zero and a sprinkle of Diddy Kong Racing.  There are points where you glide of the track hang glide style.  considering the online features that the Wii and DS version have had in the past and the functionality of Nintendo’s online interface for Wii U this is going to be a system seller and might be the first title that makes people realize on a mass scale how functional Wii U’s online capability’s have become.  This was a title I was absolutely waiting for. We have to wait a while for this one but it will get us through the slow stretch of Spring 2014.

Several Wii U titles will still be in development for a bit longer than expected.  Wii Party U utilizes not only the television but cooperative play on the Wii U game pad.  I’ll be interested to see what online features they’ll have for this game.  It could be our new Mario Party, and while Mario Party hasn’t had a huge following for a while, I for one have loved it in the past.  This could be either a best seller or a huge flop, I’m hoping it brings me into a true throwback moment.  Wii Fit U will also have new features added with the implementation of a new fit meter.  Although they didn’t say what the meter’s features entailed I can guess some type of pedometer to track not only your movement while you use the system but also while you go about your daily activities.  Thanks Nintendo for keeping me healthy and alive to keep playing your games.  The game will launch in October and December respectively.

An installment of software upgraded to Wii U was also announced.  It will have a price and launch date and was created due to the overwhelming amount of artist that draw on the Wii U home screen.  For those of you that own a Wii U when you launch the system you see a main screen where Mii’s talk to each other.  The screen was meant originally to send text messages but people have used the drawing tools to create incredible works of art since the system launch.  I find this to be an example of the very considerate and kind nature of Nintendo as a company and I love that they are doing this for the fans that spend so much time invested on making these are pieces.  Meanwhile this summer new drawing tools can be downloaded while we wait for the total art upgrade.

Of course we haven’t forgotten about Legend of Zelda WindWaker on Wii U. Releasing this October, Nintendo brings this title back in all it’s cell shaded glory.  Updated for the Wii U console colors and graphics are as vibrant as ever and I am pleased to be able to play this title again.  While they wouldn’t release details, Nintendo let us know that they have made some overall improvements to how the game plays (which we hope means they won’t have us spend hours gliding across the sea pointlessly again.) Leave it to Nintendo to make something the fans love even better. Tingle has upgraded his special item into an online message in a bottle feature for the game which  makes this 10/10 title off the charts.  Unfortunately this Zelda will have to do as no new Zelda has been announced at this time.  I’m highly disappointed by this but it seems the pros have a lot on their plates.

Holy Wonderful 101! this title looks incredible, use unite morph to turn your little townspeople into tank fighting comrades against your arch nemesis tearing down your town.  Does that last sentence even make any sense? No…but it’s awesome.  multiple player action fills the screen with a madness of battle skills like you’ve never seen.  This is a ground breaking title I’m sure and one of my most anticipated titles.  Be there when the doors open September 15th to grab your copy.

A new side-scrolling Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is in the works for Wii U and looks as beautiful as ever.  The great ape not only looks better than ever but while shooting through barrel sequences the camera moves to a third dementional view.  Never before has Donkey Kong been seen in this light.  The Wii title was extremely fun and I’m sure this title will be even better.  This title will be releasing in September.

And now…to indroduce the greatest of all time…Super Smash Brothers Wii U / 3DS interchangable combo madness featuring new playable character Mega Man. While Nintendo was short and sweet about the details you might only need to watch the trailer to understand that this is the megabomb of a lifetime for the company.

Third Party Titles

 Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Batman Arkham Origins, Dues Ex Human Revolution – Directors Cut, Disney Infinity, Just Dance 2014, Rayman Legends, Scribblenauts Unmasked A DC Comics Adventure, Disney Planes, Shin Megami Tensei IV, Skylanders SWAP Force, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist, Sonic Lost World, and Watch Dogs.

eShop Titles: Ballpoint Universe, Cloudberry Kingdom, Coaster Crazy Deluxe, DuckTales Remastered, Dungeons and Dragons Chronicles of Mystara, Mutant Mudds Deluxe, Oddworld New ‘N’ Tasty, Scram Kitty & His Buddy on Rails, Shovel Knight, Spin the Bottle Bumpie’s Party, A World of Keflings.

Sega brings the heat with Bayonetta 2 and I find myself being dumbfounded at how to describe it.  My best attempts at relaying it will be failures compared to you clicking on the video above.  A sexy gun shoed dame fights a cycloptic time warping assassin as the camera pans from platform to platform following the female in some shots that you can’t even imagine.  Then there’s an upside down headed cyborg and a hooded child.  I have no idea…but this is turning my stomach into a happy belly full of butterflies. The original titles release was met with an array of good reviews including a more than usual amount of perfect reviews and awarded a game of the year.  This is an exclusive that will be hard to match.

To round it all  up I’m incredibly impressed with Nintendo this year.  I was waiting for some major software announcements this year and I got it.  I mentioned last week that I was expecting the triple Mario threat, Hardware use, exclusive titles, and a possible unannounced hardcore pro game pad game.  All of those things were fulfilled. The lineup for this console in the coming couple of years is near unmatched but even if you don’t agree there are a handful of system selling titles that are sure to please.  For my hands down legit opinion check out the round-up article tomorrow where my colleagues and I break it down.  For now, go buy a Wii U.

Your Favorite Nintendo Announcement was? @PlayLegit


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