Highlight Deals 6/12/13


Reported By: KJ

Hey just cause E3 is going on, doesn’t mean there isnt some crazy finds on the current systems. Check out this week’s highlight deals. While the list is smaller this week, there’s hookups a plenty. Does the word “Free” mean anything to you? If so, you picked the right article.

PlayStation Network


It’s a lock! As of right now Uncharted 3 single player and multiplayer is free to plus users, along with X-Com: Enemy Unknown. Action and Strategy fans unite!

Tekken Revolution is out exclusively to the PSN. This free to play title lets users battle online or off. While the roster is rather small, more characters and content will be on the way.

Xbox Live


Massive Worms Sale. All four Worms titles in the Xbox Live Arcade, are Half-off.

Running from June 11th to June 17th. via majornelson.com, it’s been reported that everyday on XBL, there will be a unique deal. They’re calling it the Sunny Day Sale. So keep logging in, and stay on guard.

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