Xbox One E3 2013: Bullet Point Truth


Reported By: Cmack The Don and KJ

Here’s the highlight info good, bad, and bizarre, we grabbed from the Xbox One E3 2013 press conference.

  • XBox Live Gold membership transfers over to the new console.
  •  So they’re offering free games that are somewhat recent but quality games, 2 per month for subscribing.
  •  A lot of the trailers and material displayed wasn’t exclusive to XBox, many of what was were not tent pole franchises.
  •  A new exclusive presented was “Ryse: Son of Rome”, which looked amazing.
  •  Killer Instinct!
  •  “Sunset Overdrive”, interesting FMV, but no gameplay
  •  Very boring Forza presentation with unneeded car coming up from beneath platform.
  •  There was a lot of talk of features that were related to the games but not really that interesting. It seems like they’re trying hard to improve on the current model but without that many interesting improvements. Checking in-game progress from other gamers in the same game, tablet connectivity, etc. Somewhat interesting but not really related to game-changing tech or new games.
    Microsoft is taking away points and carrying over to real money of all currencies.
  •  Dead Rising 3 looks very detailed and much more serious, with more zombies than ever.
  •  Battlefield presentation looked good but was more of the same FPS, hilarious mistake in presentation.

Battlefield 4 F’up

Halo: Gundam?

  • New Xbox 360. Reduced noise, smaller sleeker design. Available today. The design is similar to the One, which will make the consumer more inclined to take the next plunge. Speaking of transitioning players, gold membership will carry over as well.
  • The 360 love doesn’t stop there. Over 100 titles are still coming to this generation’s system.
  • The smartglass tablet features will lets players interact with their retail games in different ways, taking the experience beyond the controller. For example in Ryse: Son of man, gamers will be able to interact with friends. Compare achievements, stats, and game progression. In Dead Rising 3, gamers can initiate special attacks with the phone.
  • Players can record clips and upload their highlights to share with friends through Microsoft’s upload service, stream live footage through TwitchTV.
  • Microsoft is ending the points plan, and giving everything a real price tag.
  • Everyone in the household can share your gold subscription, and reap all the benefits.

XBOX One: November 2013, $499


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