Wii U: Super Metroid Virtual Console Review


Real Talk By: KJ

Part of the Nintendo 30 cents extravaganza, Super Metroid arrives on the Wii U’s Virtual Console. Everything you remember is here. The well designed levels, detailed sprites and music. There’s something about playing it in HD that just makes it even better. I’m here to say that this game has certainly stood the test of time. The whole presentation will pull newcomers into the game, even to this day. The intro cutscenes and first mission really builds up the experience. Samus is left on an alien planet with little resources. The game does a great job of bringing home the point, that you’re by your lonesome “Have fun”.

Many will argue that this is still the best in the series for 2D Metroid. One thing SM had down was its level progression. The pacing of the game was perfect. When you would get the items, how they operated, and using them correctly was big. This was a title that did a good job of rewarding players for backtracking. Goodies are stuffed throughout the game. People who dig exploration were the ones that survived. The morph ball is one of my all time favorite upgrades. In the 2D or 3D versions of this series, sliding through tight areas at fast speeds, felt like I was playing another game entirely.

super-metroid-03 (2)

Use the Miiverse to either laugh at your friends getting stuck in easy areas, or use it to send out help beacons. Have to say ive been seeing some fantasic Metroid sketches on the app. The modern tech makes the game more legit. It doesn’t look bad at all on the big screen, and it looks great compressed on the gamepad during remote play. Saving whenever makes this the best version of Super Metroid. Just beat a boss but your near death? Save it. Sometimes making it back to a save point without kicking the bucket was a major challenge. The gamepad helps save the day. You can also use it to tweak controls. We recommend it, once Samus gets more weapons, juggling the controls can get a little crazy.

This is how games should be made. A perfect blend of difficulty, and an interface that was well beyond it’s time. This design we’ve seen copied several times and implemented into modern 2D games, especially from this generation. It would be nice to receive Fusion on the Wii U VC as well, you know, to keep the Metroid love in motion. Its only reasonable. This is a steal to put it lightly. Get it now for 30 cents (until june 12th), before it goes back to $7.99. Still a good price either way, but hey, hook yourself up.

Super Metroid gets


Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+ Sprites hold up well

+ Great Level design

+ Sci-Fi Soundtrack impresses

What’s Perpetrating?

-Weapon cycling is clunky at times

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