Player Gamer’s Ball #4: Death to the Online Pass

This week EA has announced that they’ve ended the online pass program. Players who purchased their titles pre-owned, would have to pay an extra ten dollars to gain access to all the online features. Is there a hidden agenda behind this move? KJ lays the hammer down!

The Bonus Point:

Vex Says “In the wake of what seems like great news im old enough to know that all good news is not what it seems. I have a suspicion that EA along with other publishers have a backup plan in play. I suppose both Microsoft and Sony will in some form or the other find a way to break publishers off a piece of the used game pie amongst their (as of yet detailed )used game fee. Instead of directing their attention to GameStop for this loss they are claiming, once again us the gamers have been forced to flip the bill. #SMH”



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