Our five most anticipated games of 2013


Real Talk By: KJ

The top games we look forward to playing in 2013 (pre E3 at least). We’ve already had some hot titles make their way to shelves. Game of the year contenders no doubt. Heavy hitters such as BioShock Infinite, Tomb Raider, and Fire Emblem Awakening to name a few are in stores right now. This leaves us with the rest of the year. Were curious. What’s still cooking in the kitchen? It’s only going to get more interesting for gamers all over the globe.

5. Project X Zone

51wxm0GED-L - Copy (2)

This is an import that we never thought would make it stateside. Its always the coolest crossovers that US fans continue to get deprived of (Cough* Jump Ultimate Stars *cough). This is an RPG exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS, which lets players control characters across the world of SEGA, Namco, and Capcom. Project x Zone is about team gameplay. If you wanted a team of Zero, Akira Yuki, and Ryu, you can make it happen. Fighting together and seeing combos chain takes us back to the glory days of Marvel vs. Capcom 2., this is the only place it can be done. Project x Zone releases June 25th, 2013

4. Rayman Legends


This platformer has received multiple delays. Origin’s was an instant classic with its fantastic gameplay, and charming soundtrack. From everything we’ve played, this will be no different. Wii U gamers ( as we speak) are currently enjoying the long wait in style. Ubisoft has daily challenges that lets gamers compete against their friends, and everybody around the world. The levels are different every single day, and a weekly stage is there as well. players have 7 days to top the leaderboards stacking up the bonus points. Rayman Legends releases September 3, 2013

3. The Last of us


The zombie genre isn’t going anywhere, and many have cashed in on it. While several outings have been standard, Naughty Dog always brings something fresh to the table. This is why it has emerged onto our list so easily. This third person adventure brings it in the graphics department, but more importantly from an emotional standpoint. The two leads have been forced to work together to survive in this world. It’s a constant struggle in a post apocalyptic setting. From the videos, we see that nothing comes easy and survival is truly earned in this game. The studio has been tight-lipped on the multiplayer component, and its only sparking up our interest more. The last of Us arrives June 14, 2013 exclusively on PS3.

2. Watch Dogs


This open world tech based game, leaves plenty of opportunities for new gaming experiences. This is a major multiplatform game. Watch Dogs is coming to every system imaginable, including next-gen consoles. Players will be able to hack into the city’s operating systems to get through goals. Early videos showed lead character Aiden Pierce, changing up traffic patterns causing a massive car wreck. The game features parkour action, hand to hand combat, and some stealth sequences. Watch Dogs will be available November 19, 2013

1. Grand theft Auto V


One of the most consistently great franchises in gaming history Grand Theft Auto, is back with its newest game. GTAV for the first time, revolves around three characters. Players will switch between Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. Seeing missions from their different perspectives will add more to the replay value. Exploring the re-imagined city of Los Santos will be a game in its own right. Rockstar is saying that it’s their biggest open world they’ve ever put together. Expect multiplayer to be even more chaotic (and hopefully less laggy), and more activities than ever before.

Honorable Mention: The Wonderful 101


We miss a spot? Tell us below, or @PlayLegit

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