Resident Evil Revelations: Wii U Preview


Real Talk By: KJ

The best Resident Evil since number 4 is coming home.Revelations puts players into level one of the game. Jill is on board an abandoned ship in search of Chris Redfield. Right away you can see the difference between the 3DS to Wii U visuals. While this was always a great looking title, HD is only doing this game more favors. The main creatures look extra nasty (and shiny too). Players can experience this on the gamepad, or both.

When playing with the TV on, the gamepad acts as a map, and a really convenient way to navigate through items. this is an issue that usually plaques the series. It’s almost non-existant now. Great to see advantages that the 3DS version had were carried over.

More additions to this version include connectivity bonuses by linking your game to ResidentEvil.Net. Players will be able to unlock in-game extras by doing so. A new enemy was put into the game, and a harder difficulty mode known as “Infernal” will give everyone more of a challenge.

Raid mode returns along with the online coop. Rachel and Hunk have been added to the roster of playable characters this time around. This port doesn’t simply feel phoned in. The added bonuses, and visuals have peaked our interest. Will you take the plunge again?

Resident Evil Revelations Arrives on Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC  May 21, 2013. The demo is available now.

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