Wii U: Kirby’s Adventure Virtual Console Review


Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Being named the 69th best Nintendo game ever in 2009 isn’t an easy feat.  Originally released on the Nintendo Entertainment System and more recently on the virtual console it was the only title on the system to feature Kirby in all his glory.  You can have this gem of a game for the ridiculously low price of 30 cents (till 5/16/13) and here at Play Legit, we feel like there just isn’t a better deal around right now.

After a short lunch nap Kirby awakens from a dreamless sleep to find King Dedede has stolen the star rod. The star rod is the source of dreams in Kirby’s world and as such he must find the seven pieces to restore a more restful sleep to his land.  The player takes Kirby through seven worlds and meets all new characters including the infamous Meta Knight.   Kirby’s main abilities of flying and inhaling endlessly are the most exciting.  Spitting his enemies out can damage other threats in front of him.  Swallowing them whole though, gives Kirby his real appeal allowing him to make a copy of whatever he swallowed and take on some of his enemy’s powers.  This helps him defeat the levels and various bosses that he encounters.


Boss battles are significantly challenging and a huge part of what makes the game great.  Kirby learns many tricks of the trade along his adventure and is constantly running into new enemies of which he can make a carbon copy.  The games even flow makes sure that when Kirby gets to a boss, the fight evolves around what he has learned so far and challenges the player in the puzzle of figuring out what ability is best to beat the threat with.

The soundtrack to this game is one to be remembered.  It’s upbeat tempo combined with the bouncy atmosphere of Kirby’s Adventure creates appeal to the game that is hard to match before or since in this series.  Enemy and character noises are superb and sound even better through the Wii U than they ever have.

One of the most common complaints with this game was that it was two short and only took one sitting to beat.  While this might be true this truly low price tag means that this is a game that isn’t just short but also sweet when it comes to playing a classic game in its new and somewhat improved form.  The visuals are stunning to look at in high definition and no less fun to play. The game has been re-released several times but never at this low price point.  Pick it up today and play the title that gave Kirby his good name.

Kirby’s Adventure Gets


Out of five

What’s Legit?

+Visuals are stunning in high def

+Great sound quality

+Good controls

What’s Perpetrating?

-We wish they would have added more exclusive content to such a great title

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3 thoughts on “Wii U: Kirby’s Adventure Virtual Console Review

  1. I haven’t played a Kirby game in a while. You gave it a recommendation. Guess I should go get it while it’s cheap–oh right…don’t have a Wii U yet ;_;

    Well, I’ll probably still get it in the future.


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