Highlight Deals 5/7/2013


Play Legit wants to bring this week’s Xbox Live and Playstation Network highlights. These deals are out there for you to win, buy, or just simply download for free. Theres so much content sometimes we don’t know what to do with ourselves. Below you’ll find this weeks breakdown of our favorite content:

XBL Minecraft Skin Pack – May 9th
Now I’m not one to pay much attention to a skin pack but you might like to know that 4J Studios is releasing a free birthday skinpack for Minecraft!
If you’re interested in being the most cool guy in Minecraft town you might also think about buying their second skin pack release for only 160 Microsoft Points.

XBL Serious Sam 3 Download Content 50% off – May 7th thru 13th
Serious Sam is a great game and the download content was pretty popular during its initial release. If you have the game and you’re sitting around with
nothing to do this is a great time to get some major extras out of your title for half off and only 400 points a piece.

PSN Catherine goes on sale – Month of May
If you haven’t played this critically acclaimed game it’s a must own. Check out our review, then hurry to download. It’s half off for a smooth $20.

PSN God of War Ascension DLC
New levels and an increase in allegiance cap alone make this worth the download, but even if that’s not enough it might be worth downloading for the smoother
playthrough. Several bug fixes and menu options along with an even higher difficulty make this a must have this month.

Sleeping Dogs is Free for PS Plus members!

XBL Borderlands 2 Psyco Bandit – May 14th
For 800 points you can use the sixth playable character in this amazing game series. We’re sure it will be a crazy ride and well worth the value.

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