Will you accept the Rayman Challenge?


Real Talk By: KJ

As an apology to Wii U owners for delaying Rayman Legends, Ubi Soft has included a brand new application exclusive to the console. The app not only brings a few new stages for fans to preview, it offers competitive features. Murfy’s Dungeons are daily affairs. Guide him through the level, taking care of the objectives that are available. You can race different ghosts from around the world. It’s all about being awesome. Doing well in challenges earns you “Awesomeness” Points. Rack them up, and you can unlock even more challenges. In other words, this is a super demo. It features the three levels from the first demo, but its even more fun now with the point system set in place. There’s more added to menu screens, and little things done with the touch pad that stands out. So much to the point, for a split second, you may forget this isn’t the full game.


Players can unlock more characters, and other things. This really feels like a hook up. When the game was initially delayed, we weren’t too thrilled. The developers have re-assured us that their not simply waiting it out to launch on all three consoles. 30 New levels were announced for the final game, and more boss battles.

Should you forgive Ubisoft, or forget them? Weve seen companies make moves like this in the past, but simply issued a flimsy apology. Not only did we receive a solid explanation for the delay, Wii U owners now have an application that can tide them over for a while. Dare I even say till September? You win this round Ubi. We Forgive you.

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