Injustice: Gods Among Us Review


Real Talk By: KJ

Its round 2 for Netherrealm and the DC universe. The folks who developed the Mortal Kombat series, are taking a little break from the gore to bring us Injustice. Primarily set in an alternate timeline, Superman self governs the entire planet earth. He was tricked into murdering Lois Lane, all thanks to The Joker meddling with his mind. Clark kills the clown prince and becomes fully corrupted. Our heroes are mysteriously sent to this world, where some will meet their evil counterparts. The story mode retains several voice actors from DC animated history. Kevin Conroy reprises his role as Batman, and some other notable actors join the game as well. We would have liked Mark Hamill to return, but his stand in voice actor does an admirable job.

The story mode is so well structured, comic book fans are going to have a hard time putting it down. If you were wondering why Green Arrow can beat the breaks off of Solomon Grundy, don’t worry, The campaign explains how the playing field has been leveled. Most will beat this in under two hours, but it’s certainly a great time from beginning to end. The plot reminded us of earlier Justice League/Superman story arcs (this isn’t a bad thing). Cut-scenes will transition right into the action. Dialogue that pertains to the story will be heard during the fighting. There’s nice touches of fan service all throughout the game, which makes this a premium experience for comic buffs. Some of those features are cool mini games which are crammed into the story. While most are Quick time events, its cool that Netherrealm continued to step outside of the norm. Other fighting game developers need to take notes. In this modern era of expensive gaming, there has to be more available for fans.


The fighting feels like a simplified version of MK 9. Fans who dislike the style of that game might be harder to win over. To block, you’ll pull back on the D-Pad instead of using a traditional block button. Combos and super moves are easier to land. There’s still complex techniques, but a casual player will have a better chance at Injustice than MK. Is your power meter full? Press both triggers and start the super move. Each character has their own. Bane uses the famous back breaker, and Doomsday’s super move gets the job done. He pummels you through the equator and back up again. Character entrances and victory poses are just as fantastic. The move sets for every Hero/Villain fits with the comics, but it also leads me to my main complaint. There are tons of easy to do projectile moves. It’s common to run into players who will hermit crab in a corner of the screen and spam long-range attacks. At times it can feel like a shooter game.

With multilayered stages, there’s plenty of  places to fight. The roster is at 24, but it’s still growing once all the DLC rolls out. Safe to say the character list is at a great size. Interacting with objects in the background is awesome due to the several unique items. It can get unfair depending on who you’re playing with. Certain items used by lighter characters (Batman or Catwoman), they will simply bounce off to get away from an opponent. That is great for evasion strategies. On the other hand, a heavyweight character will use that same Structure as a weapon throwing it right at you, taking away a heavy amount of life. Take the good with the bad. “Wager” lets players bet their health against the other in a rock paper scissors style challenge. If you come out of it a winner, expect to see a life increase. Another way Injustice separates itself is that there’s no rounds, simply two life bars.


Online matchmaking doesn’t require a pass, put the game in, you’re good to go. Rooms allow 8 players, with spectator mode. Playing with friends is solid, long as they have three bars. I’ve experienced some connectivity issues elsewhere. A mixed bag at this point. The game gives players challenges to pursuit. Doing so will earn you more XP. The points can be earned offline, but playing (and winning) online is a better way to receive bonuses for your profile.

Bonuses include more costumes, and art for your personal profile. Its like the title system from Street Fighter 4. Pick an icon picture and wallpaper. Wait, there’s more add-ons! Extra modes such as a traditional arcade mode, where you’ll work through the enemies and clash with Superman. Bonus missions see gamers fighting with limited health, Heroes only and villains only vs, but there’s more that will unlock. Star Labs is simply unique. Defeat enemies while avoiding RPG fire. Save a civilian from the Joker, and many more crazy challenges to play through. Injustice is a hook up for comic book fans hardcore and casual. It does your favorite heroes justice, while implementing modes and gameplay that will keep players coming back. Lots to do here folks. It’s too bad Marvel vs Capcom 3 didn’t receive the same treatment. Fans of the MK9 engine will love it, while haters should still give this one a shot. They even made Aquaman a BA, that alone is worth your time.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Gets


Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+Story Mode


+Plenty of Game modes

What’s Perpetrating?

-Easy to spam with projectile based characters

-Online could run smoother

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