Skateboarding’s Best Guest Characters


Real Talk By: KJ

The weather’s getting a little nicer, thought it was a good time to talk about a genre of games I’ve always loved. Throughout the years We’ve shredded and caused havoc on various digital skate-parks. The 90’s were owned by the lords of extreme. While the genre was dominated primarily by the Tony Hawk series, other skateboarding games did exist in the market. One of the things that helped make each skateboarding game standout, was not only in its gameplay, but it’s characters. Guest characters really helped spice up the genre, especially when they had added abilities or just star power in general. Here’s our favorite guest characters to ever appear at a Skate park.

5. Ollie The Magic Bum

ollie the magic bum

The greatest bum ever, the guest character that made the most appearances in the Tony Hawk series. THPS2,3,4, and in the latest HD title as well. Ollie truly is magical. His board is made from different pieces of wood formed together. Ollie always has a bottle in hand, and his raggy clothes tops off his stellar appearance. For being a memorable and such a big reoccurring character in the series, we had to give the bum his due.

4. Issac Clark


Clark was unlocked by entering the code “deadspacetoo”  in Skate 3’s Cheats section. The space hero kickflips, grinds, all on his own futuristic board. Skate is a more realistic approach to the genre, so we were surprised to say the least (well mainly because it he wasn’t paid DLC) that Issac was included. It’s cool that cheat codes are still hanging on by a thread, and even cooler that the xenomorph slayer is in the game.

3. Darth Maul


While Darth Vader is known as one of the greatest villains ever, Maul isn’t far behind. With his double-sided saber, and grotesque face, this Darth has had his fair share of fame. Finishing Tony Hawk 3’s career mode, and completing the goals would earn you the sith master. Moves included the Force Grab, Sith Saber Spin, and Dark Jedi Grind. Also featured in this game was marvel’s Wolverine. He was a big time runner-up.

2. Solid Snake


Evolution Skateboarding wasn’t the most popular game at the time, but it brought a character that was. This certainly hasn’t changed to this day. Solid Snake is playable after beating the story mode 100%. Aside from his character model being well designed, snake had his own skatepark, which mirrored the plant level from Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance. Raiden’s an unlock-able character as well but for obvious reasons he was left off of this list.

1. Spider-Man


Generally when people think about guest characters in the history of Tony Hawk titles, there’s always a name that stands out in the conversation. Spider-Man is the one. Obviously the name carries heavy-weight. THPS2 let players use the wall crawler. He has his own unique tricks, and even an alternate costume. That’s right, The Symbiote outfit was another option for gamers to skate in. While all these picks bring the star-power to the skatepark, we noticed more of an effort was put into this particular guest character. This was Play Legit’s pick, for the very best guest character in the history of board games with skates.

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