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Bioshock Infinite Review


Real Talk By: Vex

As we approach the end cycle of this generation , one would think that the well was dry in regards to the power of the consoles. Once again I was proven wrong by the marvel known as Bioshock infinite. Many of the reviews and articles Ive seen on-line would have anybody else think different. Reviews should be written with intent to inform as opposed to being utilized as a writers emotion diaper. Some have complained about how different the final product was in reference to what has been displayed at multiple gaming events, or that the combat was not well polished. We live in times were slow news days have writers pulling b*!! $#(% out of thin air. The truth of the matter is that once a reader realizes that your words have no weight they move to greener pastures. Truth be told no game is perfect, but allow me to detail the reason’s as to why Bioshock Infinite is in my top three for Game of this generation.

Bioshock_infinite_wallpapers_HD (1)

Narrative is a strong driving force in video game’s campaign that many developers fail to present in a way that leaves you thinking for days. Bioshock infinite had an impact that when I arrived at work instead of discussing our usual topics, we shared theories of what ifs until we all beat the campaign. Once we all beat the game it felt similar to when I had seen the last episode of Lost. The characters were well written and felt real due to the talented performance by the voice actors. As the plot peeled its many layers via voice recordings, cut scenes and set pieces, you craved to know more but at the same time tasting regret knowing that you can truly only beat it once. You can play the game multiple times in different difficulties and unlock 1999 mode but only get that first time feeling once. By the way 1999 mode for those who don’t know is an ultra hard mode similar to legendary on Halo. This game pushed not only the creative boundaries but social ones as well. Race is a topic that is presented thru Bioshock infinite in a way I have never seen in a game before. Un-like C.O.D.’s tasteless attempt at controversy via the “No Russian” airport level Irrational games placed logical questions about race and class thru out the game. What was done effectively with the narrative would be bogus if the game-play didn’t match, no matter how great of a story.

Gameplay is if not the most important at least a key component to a game, unless you’re playing Heavy Rain. Just kidding fanboys, don’t get mad BRO. In today’s world many developers sacrifice one for the other. Few games have had both narrative and gameplay the way Bioshock infinite does. At first glimpse it feels familiar even tho’ new mechanics are at play. Plasmids are now called Vigors and function similar to previous games until you add the element of the skyhook. Presented a little later into the game the skyhook takes the game to new heights, pun intended. The sky hook allows players to traverse certain portions of levels in a manner that adds a richness to the environments and game-play. Not only is the skyhook a travel buddy but also via melee can produce some violent results in the self-defense department. As if that was not enough players can combine environments with Vigors via oil spills or water puddles to subdue enemies. Weapons are also varied and well polished. Players can up-grade their guns via vending machines and their clothing via gear boxes. A player’s vigor and weapons can be improved via gear boxes a player can scavenge throughout the game. There is another category in the gameplay I won’t discuss because it would ruin the element of surprise and it involves Elizabeth, your A.I. partner in the game. Enemies are varied and smart. Though there are no big daddies in this game, fret not that void will be filled.


To top off this amazing combo of narrative and gameplay, bland graphics would have been a sin. Thankfully the artistic vision was beautifully rendered from start to finish. environments and enemies are given a level of detail that helps immerse players into Columbia in a way that few games have done. Unlike previous Bioshock’s were the environments where more of a graveyard, in infinite the levels are full of life. Each set piece was visual preparing you for that next one in what could possibly be the best use of the unreal engine I have ever witnessed. The console versions are not on the same level as the PC, but extremely impressive for tech that is nearly eight years old. Much can be said about this game and what it has done to raise the bar, but chances are you have all ready played it if you are a fan. If you are on the fence then at the very least Red box it and don’t miss out. This game has some minor flaws that are so minor only a jealous fool would tout them as an issue. Most of the on-line hatred for this game is from other developers in the industry, indie and major alike. I guess if you lack the talent to make a great game, you gotta just hate on the great ones. While most developers break down and shoehorn multiplayer for the sake of sales, Irrational games gave us a single player experience worth the sixty dollars.

Bioshock Infinite Gets


Out of Five

What’s Legit?
+A trifecta of game play, story and graphics that will be remembered for years to come.

+Instant classic.

What’s perpetrating?
-Other developers hating on this game because they lack the talent to produce such immaculate pimpin.

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  1. I’ve been an avid gamer for 25+ years and it’s become hard to impress me. I’m not sure if that’s because I’m 31 now and I’m a pickier human being, or I’ve gotten so wrapped up in reviewing games that I always look for something negative to point out.. but man, Bioshock Infinite gave my imagination a hernia. What an amazing game. I don’t hand out perfects often, but this is one of the best games I’ve ever played.


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