Monthly High Scores I March 2013


Published by KJ (Kris Jones)

The Play Legit Fam is ranking not only the Game of the Month, and Trailer, but now other cool Happenings in the world of entertainment. Its one big Arcade Machine. Who Earned the most points? See where everything landed. Check out the Monthly High Scores of March 2013. No tokens needed.

High Score Winner/Game of The Month: Tomb Raider


KJ and The AX broke down this reboot of Lara Croft. Kj Praised its campaign saying “The game molds Lara into the B.A. we know and love, and rights the wrongs left from past outings. Impressive visuals, super responsive controls and an overall polish that puts many titles to shame. This campaign is Game of The Year quality, overlapping its own multiplayer component.” This why Tomb Raider is or pick for game of the month.

Wreck it Ralph: Home Video Release


Steph Reviewed this movie around its theatrical release. She says Wreck it Ralph “Has an astounding amount of original creative material (three original video game worlds), and it has many, many retro game character appearances. And much like seeing a cameo of your favorite actor in a movie, seeing Sonic, Pac-Man, Bowser, and many others on the big screen is nothing short of amazing.”

Story War Party Game


The Kickstarter was successful! This is a story telling card game that will now see mass distribution. The game makes pop culture references, and throws in other fun stuff as well. “In Story War controlling the narrative is the only way to win. There are no numbers or rules on the cards, only artwork and hilarious descriptions. It’s up to the players to decide how to interpret their powers, which means that every game tells unique stories based on the collective creativity of everyone involved.” Check out the website for more on this unique game.

Game of Thrones Season 3 (premiered March 31)


On the Last day of March, The critically acclaimed show returned. That’s right, Game of Thrones Season 3 is in full effect. Here’s a trailer for those without the Home Box Office.

Trailer of The Month: Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain


March’s Trailer of the Week articles featured StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm, Deadpool, Saints Row IV, DuckTales Remastered and our Trailer of the Month: Metal Gear Solid V. A previous trailer for “The Phantom Pain” proved to be an undercover Metal Gear Solid V trailer, and we were excited to finally see the reveal trailer this month! Check it out!

Life of PI: 3D Bluray Release

Life Of Pi

This visually gripping tale not only picked up the Oscar for best visual effects, but it bumped over The Avengers in the process. Vex has brought it to our attention that the 3D Bluray conversion is 100% worth the loot. This will make Super TV’s look even better. Check it out.


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