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Most gamers love Japan, it’s the home to a lot of game developing companies that give us the amazing content we throw our money at. I know that many gamers (myself included) have cursed under their breaths or maybe out loud, because Japan released an amazing looking game in a franchise that we’re familiar with, or a game that just looks like it’ll consume most of our time if we had the chance to play it, that game that just looks like we’ll never put it down. We as gamers build a ridiculous amount of hype when we see these trailers or game play videos of games that are in japan, then naturally we go snooping on the Google’s and see when it’ll be released in our neck of the wood, only to find out, NOPE! “There are no plans to localize this game” after reading that I assume that everyone else (like me) curses violently at the company that refuses to give us what we want…Then we try to move on and forget that pain…then months later when that game pops back into our heads, we check to see if maybe they changed their minds or are at least considering it cause even though it’s rare, it DOES happen…My shattered hopes aside…these are some examples of games people want localized.

Jump Ultimate Stars

Watchers of Anime may or may not have heard of Jump Super Stars, a fighting game that puts several characters from 27 different Anime series in one game, released exclusively in Japan in 2005 on the DS. Given its great success some might expect it’s sequel Jump Ultimate Stars to be localized, especially since it added even more characters and more importantly the addition of Online play via Wifi, that alone should compel them to release the game in other countries, so we can fight each other!

Summon Night X: Tears Crown

The Summon Night series is a hidden gem in my opinion, it’s a bit similar to Final fantasy in that it has a lot of unconnected sequels and spin-offs, I’ve played the Swordcraft Story spin-offs on the GBA, and they were amazing games, so it confuses me a little when every Summon Night game after Swordcraft Story 2 was exclusive to Japan…One steps forward, Two steps back.

Final Fantasy Type-0

I know Final Fantasy seems like it’s been done to death, but Crisis Core:Final Fantasy 7 on the PSP holds a special place in my heart, it was a fun action rpg that fleshed out the story of what lead up to FF7. Everyone who loves Square Enix, knows and loves the Dissidia games on the PSP. So with the history of Epic Action RPG Final fantasy games on the PSP, why would they leave Final Fantasy Type-0 out of other countries and hoard it to themselves?

Super Back To The Future II

BTTF fans have always wanted to play a game based on those amazing movies, and Telltale Games delivered us an epic story driven sequel to the movies in 2011, but before that, all we had were crappy failed game attempts…but in 1993 Japan released a game based on the second movie that just angers most BTTF fans when they see what Japan had, compared to what we got.

Mother 3 (Earthbound 3)

The Mother series always had its issues about being released outside of Japan, but they eventually released 1 and 2 as Earthbound, and It was well received, Then there was all the hype about a 3rd game to be released on the N64…but it was sentenced to development hell, the fans whimpered…until it was released on the GBA in 2006 with no intentions of localization…then the Fans raged…then the fans worked to make an English patch for the game, and i guess some of them were content.

Honorable Mentions:


Metal Gear Solid Arcade

Being a MGS fan, I kinda wanted to play the Arcade game…but i figure mass producing it would be a problem…also the glitches.

Project X Zone

An Epic fighting game between 3 heavy hitting companies! Capcom x Sega x Namco Bandai.
This game was exclusive to Japan in 2012, but will be released in other countries sometime in the Summer of 2013. See it happens rarely, but when it does, people rejoice!

Shining Force III Scenario 2 and 3

The first Scenario was released in America and Europe as Shining Force III, but the other two parts were stranded in Japan. Fan Translations are available.

Is there any games you would like imported?

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