Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel Demo Impressions


Real Talk By: EC

Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel is the 3rd in the AoT series, personally I’ve only played the first one and I loved it, the customization of the armor and weapons was great, the game play and difficulty was good enough for me to replay several missions to save up cash for the more pricey weapon mods. With this new game they’ve increased the amount of customization you can have on your weapons and armor, instead of pre-designed masks, you can customize them yourself with unique designs and if you want the war-torn look, you can add scratches to your armor to make you look like a badass.

The game play was your standard 3rd person shooter with a cover system, you can order your partner to defend or assault to shift the tide of battle much like the first one. But unlike the first one, the two protagonists are not Salem and Rios. They have been replaced by Alpha and Bravo who are other operatives within the T.W.O. Organization.

The Demo only allowed me to play what seemed to be half of a level, since it wouldn’t let me go though one of the doors that I needed to go through. Everything up until that was good fun-time killing. In the menu screen you get $60,000 automatically. I assume that’s only in the demo so we can buy gun mods, which were way more detailed and customizable than the first games. The graphics are fantastic, all the shiny armor, guns and blood makes the game look extra polished. The lack of the previous main characters is a little upsetting since they were like two dumb frat guys on the battle field. Playing air guitar, and headbutting each other in the middle of a war just gave them more personality, unlike these faceless drones Alpha and Bravo. I guess I’ll have to wait til March 26th to see if they stack up against their predecessors.


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