Indie Spotlight: Comedy Night


Real Talk By: KJ

In this edition of the spotlight, we turn the curtain back on an Xbox live indie game from 2012. It was 3AM. Bored of the typical shooters, but unable to go to bed, I decided to search for community games. Looking under the ‘Most Popular’ category, I found this gem of a game. Comedy Night takes your avatars to a night club. The room allows up to 12 players. This is your viewing audience. Players will take turns on stage delivering their particular brand of comedy. Some members of XBLA will deliver comedy gold, while others simply rag on users’ avatar clothing.  I was wearing Raven’s suit from Tekken Tag Tournament, so I was an easy target “Oh is that Westley snipes?” “I thought you were in prison”. Some of the jokes fall flat. People will come in and play clips from other comedians (or just music), with that lack of originality. There are options for the audience to knock a person off the stage, or even kick them out of the room completely. Like the Lobbies in Mortal Kombat, friends can add their opinions to the events. Want to Boo, Applaud, laugh, or push the crickets sound effect? It’s there.

It’s also a chance to showcase your talents. There are some very funny people online. It’s a great opportunity to add quality people to your friends list, and not some foul-mouthed hooligans you’ll find in multiplayer shooters. Most of the players are present at night-time, that’s when we recommend logging in.Room choices vary from friendly to hardcore, some rooms allow 2 people on stage. Form a cosmic duo, and have people laughing all night.

This is a great time waster when your either too tired to play a blockbuster, or you want to laugh your tail off! It’s a fun game to chill with. Maybe you’ll see Vex and I in a room. This is a great app for 80 points. That’s right, a Dollar! Check out Comedy Night in the Xbox Live Indie Games section.

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