Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

MGR_Japanese_garden_1Real Talk By: KJ

The first Metal Gear Solid Rising footage left my jaw on the floor. The trailer featured graphics that (in my mind) belonged on future systems, with a cutting mechanic, that really sparked my interest. I was interested to see a Metal Gear spinoff. That was back in 2010 when it was announced. Advance to 2013. Things have most certainly changed. Kojima is simply producing the title, but platinum games is fully in charge of the titles development. The ‘Solid’ has been removed for a finalized title of: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. First and foremost, the visuals are not on the same level as the video from 2010, but with that being said, the graphics are still very impressive. Character models are detailed, and the fluidity of Raiden’s movements are nothing short of spectacular. The Ripper isn’t the only one with impressive move-sets. Enemies have the same luxury. In other titles, bosses will have a limited arsenal. This isn’t the Case with Rising. The game throws different foes constantly at players, and their attack patterns are all unique. This game is a major challenge, but its easier for players who stick to a game-plan.

Choosing the best Secondary weapon to go with the lightning-charged primary sword, can decide whether you live or die. Button mashing in this game wont get a player far either. You must learn to parry attacks, and use evasion moves at the right time. Its this generation’s Ninja Gaiden Black in that regard. There is always a solution to each opponent. The most valuable technique used in the game is the slice feature. Hold down the left trigger, and flick the right analog stick in the direction you want. If you have great aim, the game will do nothing but give rewards for superior precision. More Limbs, more points. In fact, later fights demand that players fine tune their chopping skills.

The Zandatsu technique lets players chop players into several pieces followed by Raiden pulling the enemy’s power source out of their bodies. It’s a painful looking procedure for the opposition that gives you full health and power. Nearly every object in Revengeance can be chopped down into little bits. Players not only earn points for getting kills, performing well in battle, but also the damage caused to environments helps bring up your Battle Points. You can even build up destruction combos. Use BP to upgrade Raiden. Since the games difficulty continues to climb, distributing points efficiently gets challenging. Extend your life, energy, or add more useful attacks to the ninja’s arsenal. It’s all up to the player.


Evil Cyborgs and corrupt politicians round out the crazy story. Raiden’s crew is very likeable and The voice acting is pretty good all around. The Heroes & Villains deliver solid performances, but your RoboCanine companion: Wolf is the most interesting character. Wolf slowly figures out society, and becomes more likeable as you progress. The story might not have as many layers to it as an MGS game, but some gamers might take that as a plus anyways. The Game Length is around 5 to 6 hours. It’s a title that never has a slow part within it. No filler moments to extend the experience. MGR has cool Quick time moments, chasing sequences, Gears of War Loading screens and some stealth too. The sneaking portions of the game are never abused, it’s still 95 percent an action game. Stealth is mainly a choice, but it does help sometimes creeping by enemies, and not taking on a large group with low health.

The Targeting System has trouble keeping up with the camera sometimes, but it’s never really a major hindrance. Outside of the Hand to hand weapons, other items are questionable. Projectiles include RPG’s, and Homing Missiles. Both are awkward to control, and easy to miss with even with the target locked down on an enemy. Explosives and grenades are nearly useless in most boss fights so there’s no point in saving them. Stick to Cutlery to stay successful. Another complaint is in the graphics department. Some stages dazzle, but other levels look straight up bland.

Unlockables extend the life of this title a lot. Most players wont upgrade everything by the time the credits roll, but progress made carries over. The game gives players new weapons and suits, making the second play through just as enjoyable. V.R. missions have made their way to rising as well. They range in difficulty from really easy to controller-slamming tough. Objectives include wiping out a wave of enemies in the fastest time, making it to the end without being seen, and other surprises. Some missions will have to be retrieved by playing the story mode, which brings me back to the solid replay value MGR has.


We’ve played games twice the length that doesn’t even come close to the fun factor of this. The slice mode is one of best inclusions in gaming. Period. You could kill an enemy a different way every single time. Because of this feature, and the smooth melee combat as a whole, we have to give Platinum (and Kojima’s money) their due. The Ninja Crown has been stripped from Ryu Hayabusa. That title now belongs to the Ripper.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Gets


Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+Smooth Character Animations

+Slice and Dice

What’s Perptrating?

-Targeting System

-Some backgrounds look outdated

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3 thoughts on “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review

  1. I enjoyed MGR for what it was–a Metal Gear spinoff–but I wasn’t as impressed as I was hoping, especially being a huge fan of other Platinum titles, namely Bayonetta and Vanquish. Combat was fluid and character models, while dull in personality, were delicious looking. I thought the levels were a bit bland and the “stealth options” were laughable, but still had fun getting my ass kicked while I learned how to parry effectively. Aside from boss fights though, I eventually started to tire from the same “use best combo, blade mode the blue parts, QTE my health back to full” mechanic of the filler fights and wanted more air combos, weapon swapping and.. well.. boss fights. Nicely written reviews, btw. All of them.


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