Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem: Hype and Speculation

fire_emblem_tensei.0_cinema_640.0Real Talk By: EC

With Nintendo being the innovative folks they are with their big ideas and their fun new console, It’s only natural that Developers want to follow in those footsteps and start thinking out of the box with upcoming games for the Wii U. Last year Atlus shook things up a bit with one of their IPs, by taking one of their hit JRPGs and turning it into a Fighting game. Stepping out of their comfort zone seemed to work in their favor, as Persona 4 Arena was a great success. It’s only natural for them to continue to recreate their IPs for the ever evolving consumer and new Nintendo console.

Atlus and Intelligent Systems have teamed up to develop a Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem game. Two popular franchises coming together in one action packed game!? I can only think of a few times where that crashed and burned, but those were darker times that we don’t talk about anymore…

With this game in development, and with no in game screen shots or details of whats to come (yet), we as fans only have our imagination to rely on, to take our minds off the endless questions we have.

Since I have love for both franchises and the game play styles that they are well-known for, my biggest question is what kind of game will be born from this seemingly amazing union? Will it be a tactical/strategy RPG, or will it be a standard turn-based RPG? or will it have elements from both? or will it be a fighting game? Or something different all together!?


My next big question is about the story. What type of story are we looking at here? Is there going to be a rift in time that was caused by a rogue Devil Summoner who then teams up with and Evil King  from the Fire Emblem Era, proving that the two games exist in the same world but in different ages? Or will there be a tournament that drags heroes and villains from both worlds to fight each other for the enjoyment of the Elder Gods known as the Jack Bros? Or will they just be dropped on a staged and told to fight for our amusement?

I know all of those sound stupid or like other already existing games, but I just hope for a rich story that gets me invested in a vast world of unique characters…but who knows what those two heavy weight developers are up to, and what we as fans are in for when the cat is let outta the bag.

What do you hope to see in this up and coming cross over?

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