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As THQ ends it’s 24 year reign, we list our favorite titles the company’s distributed. It was hard to narrow down the list to five, but here is our choices (in no particular order) of THQ’s greatest. One thing to take away for all of this, the company sold its studios to very capable publishers. It’s a good chance we will see sequels to every single one of these games.

5. Company of HeroesCompany-of-Heroes

Company of Heroes is considered to be one of the best RTS games among many critics and gamers alike. The attention to detail, is what kept gamers coming back for more. The destruction players could cause solidified its place in history. WWII games is a genre that was over-killed beyond belief. It was good to see THQ’s former studio Relic, figure out a way to liven things up. With Relic being purchased by SEGA there’s a strong chance the series will continue. We expect Their “Dawn of War” series to receive the same fate. Did you know a movie’s coming out too? Check out the trailer

4. UFC Undisputed 3UFC-Undisputed-3

This is one of the better MMA games available. So many fighting disciplines were included in the game, all of which were well implemented. A huge roster of fighters let players have dream matches. This was intensified with the inclusion of Pride FC. Realistic Bruises and KO’s added to the experience. You could play this game for hours and still see many different finishes. Commentary was fantastic (UFC and Pride FC analysts were included), and the presentation overall faithfully captured the UFC and this growing sport. Gamers should hold on to this title, the next game may play completely different. EA will be handling the development for here on out.

3. Darksiders IIdarksiders-2-death-hammer_86537-1920x1200

This Action Adventure Series is big on its exploration and story. Centered around The Four horseman of the Apocalypse, this title has players controlling ‘Death’. While single player only games are starting to fade, this really held its own last year. If players wanted to get everything, they really had to put in some serious hours. Great hack and slash action, weapons, and some truly epic puzzles added to the fun. Competent DLC helps lock it in on our list of hits. Vigil Studios now belongs to Crytek. Darksiders III with the CryEngine3 anyone?

2. Red FactionRedFactionPC-016

The Weapons, Story, and most importantly, The destruction. While later iterations of Red Faction moved the series into third person shooter territory, the first two games had the destruction down pact. Shooting in the Martian Mines was complex. Make big holes. Blast a wall seeing how far the game would player go was part of the experience. Local multiplayer let you go crazy as well. Hide from friends, or even find great vantage points. It was a game for the schemers. Really one of the most underrated shooters of that era, and in gaming. It felt a bit like Goldeneye.. On Mars.

1. WWF No MercyNoMercyGameBox

Even though the game is nearly thirteen years old, without a major debate needed, read message boards, and reviews. Nothing has been able to move WWF No Mercy. Gamers generally hold this game as being the absolute best Wrestling title of all time. Modern wrestling developers are constantly being held to ‘No Mercy’ expectations. It was the simple yet fun gameplay, roster, and legit create a character modes, that made Nintendo 64 the console to own. Players have modded the game, updated the roster, and continue to play religiously. All we can say is  “Dig-Dig-Diggity-Dig-Diggity-Dog!”

Which THQ Game was your Favorite?

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