Nintendo Direct 1/23/13: Virtual Console Wii U Bound


The 1/23/13 Nintendo Direct broke down the (long overdue) Wii U virtual Console add-on, which is coming through a system update in the Spring. Mr. Iwata  explains the game transfer plan to the audience. Gamers who’ve purchased VC games on their old systems will pay a small fee to use games with the brand new additions. Those features include Remote play, back-up saves, and Miiverse interactivity.

The first title is Balloon fight, Which you can buy now for only 30 cents in the Eshop.

Other Game announcements include: A Special fire Emblem Crossover, and a New Yoshi Solo Adventure. This game will borrow the Epic Yarn Concept, formerly used by Kirby.

Third Party support continues to stay strong. Check out the videos of other announcements and updated footage of games we can’t to get our hands on.

Also, a HD Remake version of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker will Arrive in the fall. This will prepare gamers for future Link adventures.

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