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Top 5 Lego Game Ideas (In no particular order) That Traveler’s Tales should adapt into Video Game format. With the recent announcement of Lego Marvel Super Heroes, what other franchises should receive the same treatment?

Lego: Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesTmnt_poster

One of the greatest franchises ever to hit the silver screen and gaming screen comes in an all new form. Some of the most detailed features of Lego character is in the head pieces. Can’t you just imagine Shredder with that big menacing looking helmet and the tiny Lego body? Take a moment, drink it in. In the past few years the Lego franchise has really upped the background detail and graphics and I know that the backgrounds for the sewers and the cities would be on point. Donny, Mikey, Leo, and Raphael popping off the screen with their weapons and ninja skills. The Lego games also make a large point to have teamwork and what could be better than the best four green ninjas ever known?

Lego: G.I. Joethumb640x360

Gooooo Joe! No I’m not talking about that abomination starring Channing Fakeum or whatever his name is. I’m talking about the cartoon that I grew up watching with the catchy one-liners and the incredible vehicles and weaponry. G.I. Joe always featured a pretty wide open landscape for either the Cobra base or the Joe’s base so the developers could really use their imaginations and go wild with the scenery and backgrounds. The upside to this franchise would be that there are so many characters and stories within it that Lego could make game after game with no love lost with the fans out there. Here’s hoping they read this article and catch on huh?

Lego: ThundercatsLEGO_THUNDERCATS_by_darinm

Lion-o, Cheetara, Tygra, Mumm-Ra, Panthro, WilyKit and WilyKat…oh and I guess Snarf. The hardest part about using this franchise would be deciding which era to base the game from. In the older version each of the characters were older and wiser and better skilled. However, Snarf was quite possibly one of the most annoying characters next to JarJar Binks. Thanks for that one George Lucas. The newer series, which is still under judgment, really took a deeper look into the history and beginnings of the great group of heroes. I know the ThunderTank would look so on point with the recent developers look into the details of each game, and we can’t forget about the legendary scene with Lion-o holding up the sword of omens and saying Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats, Hoooooo! I’m pretty sure I heard Soulja boy use a similar move when he was making it rain. This would be a great video game idea period but I think it’s just enough so that Lego could still allow young kids to play.

Lego: X-MenX-Men-vs-Sentinels

There have already been a few fanboys out there who have made YouTube videos and as such there is already a demand for it. There are several different story lines that they could use, just hopefully not the one that they based the movies from. They could even do Avengers vs. X-men, which is one of the hottest and most popular comic series that Marvel has done in a long time. So many things that could be done with this game idea and from what I’ve out of the game developers they would probably do the right thing and make it a fantastic video game with the option of several sequels.

Lego: Mission Impossible 1314401885m_SPLASH

This would be about the only way that I could handle watching Tom Cruise on the screen after his recent films. I will say this M.I. has some of the best story ideas for their movies and the games could follow them to a T. The M.I. team always has to coordinate their efforts and it would be no different in the game. Coupled with great background details from all the major cities that they visit and the great action scenes they have, Mission Impossible could be a great game for people to play. Of course there are parts that are a little too adult for the kids so they would have to tone it down a little but not too much to ruin the game. Great movies=great game ideas.

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