CyberBots: FullMetal Madness Retro Review

CyberbotsJin2Real Talk By: KJ

This is a 2D robot fighting game from Capcom. Cyberbots was only released in japan for the Playstation, Sega Saturn, and at its maxed out form in arcades. FullMetal Madness did receive an import release in the PSN Store for only $5.99. I will be reviewing that version. Please note that it hasn’t been translated, dialogue is still in Japanese. This started off as a side scrolling beat-em up known as Armored Warriors. That too was only available overseas. Its success transitioned into this 1 on 1 fighter.

This game is similar to the other great fighting games from capcom’s past. Special moves are performed with the same motion’s found in street fighter. The bots have a button they can use to dash and hover. This can help launch your character at an opponent running, or it could help set you up for a unique attack. It’s great for evasion tactics as well. It’s all about the strategy. Cyberbots demands players think out the box when facing different machines. Some mimic gundam/starship trooper designs, while other resemble tanks and random creatures. Controls add that extra layer of fun on top of the street fighter strategies players have grown accustomed too. This isn’t a slow mech suit game, it’s up there with Gundam: Endless Duel.

Modes are limited to Arcade and Versus. The main story is told in arcade. The game’s premier pilot is Jin. You might remember him as a playable character in the Marvel vs Capcom series. Pilots aren’t regulated to a specific bot, so choose whichever machine you want. Cut-scenes and endings will change depending on your choice of pilot so keep that in mind. Achieve certain goals in arcade, and unlock even more robots. One major machine is street fighter inspired and its worth the trouble. Versus is simply you against a friend, but at least the stage select screen is available to players. The locations are Legit!

Levels include destructible city scenes, space ship fights, and a volcanic area too. One level is on a ship that is crashing into the planet while you fight. An arena stuffed with people anxious for robot fighting brings the heat as well. Battles seem to go everywhere. A lot of thought went into it. The sprites look great for a Playstation one game.


Cyberbots is a fighter that is worth your attention. This dropped during a time Capcom was on a fighting game role. That might be part of the reason we never received it back in the day. The company had so many heavy hitters. There could have been more modes aside from Arcade and versus, but the machines are so varied, figuring out each is a joy in itself. You really can’t complain at a $5.99 price point. It’s too bad there was never a sequel to this gem of a fighting game.

CyberBots: FullMetal Madness Gets


Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+Great Cast of Characters and Bots


What’s Perpetrating?

-A little light on the extras

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