Was it Epic? 2012

the-avengers-hulk-imageReal Talk By: KJ

Earlier in the year we listed events, and items the squad was looking forward to in 2012. Honestly, this year was great for entertainment. Brand new shows, and movies came out of left field. Were back to lay down the law on the year that was. Did everything meet the high expectations set by the crew? Were rating things on a special scale. Its Epic, Meh, and Naw!

5. John Cena vs The Rock (Wrestlemania 28)WM28_04012012jg_03989_rgb

This was the most hyped wrestling match ever. While hardly having any contact between the two, The Rock and John Cena had verbal battles over social media. Finally, they met up and settled the feud. Preliminaries to the fight featured time filler performances from MGK and florida. It was a lengthy match, that had an 80’s pacing to it. Far as were concerned this match was epic. The Rock laid the smacketh down on John Cena. While this confrontation was fantastic, the match in the same night with The Undertaker and Triple H eclipsed it. Even with that being said, this was a “Once in a Lifetime” event, and reminded us that WWE can put on a fantastic show even if the Attitude Era is dead and buried.



4. Max Payne 3max.payne.3.04b.lg

Rockstar Games continues the story of troubled ex-cop Max Payne. Never truly getting over the deaths of his family, max goes on drunken rampages not worrying about his own well-being. The story seems simple at first, but begins to get much deeper. This title features some of the best shooting sequences available in gaming. Top notch graphics, and of course the stellar voice acting Rockstar is famous for. While the multiplayer could have been better, this has one campaign that will be very hard to forget. Check out our Max Payne Review



3. Mass Effect 3screenshot_ps3_mass_effect_3063

Mass Effect 3 is an end to the Sheppard story arc. We predicted it would be epic, I mean this really wasn’t a difficult thing to do. The lengthy campaign, and great RPG elements took the gameplay over the top. Some of the story telling, which is a major part of this series, left some people out in the cold. The main thing that hurts this title is its ending. The fans were so vocal about it, Bioware actually released another cinematic in an attempt to do right by the gamers. Still, it wasn’t quite enough. While this is still a quality game, its ending really hurt it in the long run.



2. PS Vitamortal-kombat-vita-screenshot-01

This handheld was released to compete with Nintendo’s 3DS device, while adding a new way of playing in its own right. Aside from the modern gen graphics the vita is capable of, it offers cross play between it and the PS3. Play a game on the PlayStation 3, save it, then continue where you left off on the vita. This hardware is very capabile. Just as a standalone system it’s actually quite impressive. The problem is the software. The list of games are decent enough, but many of the titles already exist on the big consoles. Little marketing for the system, its seems like sony is just working on the next big console. Where is the Vita Love? Sorry Mo Chocolate, but its a



1. The Avengers/Dark Knight Rises264-the-dark-knight-rises-batman

One movie series ended, while another one began. Avengers is the one flick from this year you could pretty much recommend to anyone breathing. Great usage of CGI, live talent and a logical plot brought everything together. Joss Whedon earned his paycheck with this, the sad news is we wait till 2015 for part 2.

The Nolan directed Batman series came to a close in The Dark Knight Rises. The caped crusader teamed up with Catwoman, to stop Bane from taking over Gotham City. Its rare when a third movie has the quality of the first two films. We enjoyed this movie a lot, Vex.. Not so much

Still if you combine the power of these two movies, you wind up with something great. This was already year to remember in cinema, but Avengers and Batman made it unforgettable.



Bonus Real-Ness

The Wii U wii

You can check out Ms. Throwback’s Console Review right here and see why were looking forward to the software coming on this system in 2013.

Plus, The “Black Dynamite” Tv-Series was funny as hell and this Little Caesars commercial was amazing.

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