BattleField 3 Premium Edition: Is it worth it?

Battlefield Real Talk By: Snusawus

Hey guys Snusawus here, back from the grave heh, well here’s a little guide on BF3 Premium, and whether or not you should buy it! BF3 Premium Edition, is essentially a care package for $50 you get access to all 5 DLC packs, which feature all new maps, game modes! You also get new character skins, weapon skins, dogtags and a nifty new knife to wield.

On top of all that you receive some cool new dog tags, assignments and more recognition that you’re a premium member by having it show after you’ve killed someone! Now I play a lot of BF3 so I bought premium right off the bat, and it was awesome getting early access to the new maps, because I got to train on the new maps, and vehicles before the rest of the community got access to it. Now you might be asking well are the maps even worth it?


I would say yes! It gives you a whole different type of BF3 to play, something like close quarters , where the maps and game-modes really move the combat to CQC environment and not to mention the level of upper and lower gameplay they add makes more a different experience that is new to BF, and very welcomed.

I play a lot of rush, almost exclusively but every now and again I like to switch it up with some Team Deathmatch, and Scavenger on the new maps makes my play style change and really fun encounters.  But if you’re the casual BF gamer, you don’t need Premium to enjoy the game, I still find myself playing a lot of the original maps the most, and as I stated earlier I tend to play the original game mode; Rush more than any other, but premium offers you all the DLC’s, and new ways to enjoy your BF3!


Yes if you play a lot of BF3

No if you’re a casual player

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