New Super Mario Bros. U Review

New-Super-Mario-Bros-U-imageReal Talk By: Ms. Throwback

As one of the Wii U launch titles New Super Mario Bros. U (NSMBU) was an exciting first party addition.  With the market being saturated in Mario games at this point, it would definitely be up for some competition. As soon as the system is turned on, NSMBU becomes incredible eye candy in the visuals aspect.  The colors are more vibrant than ever before thanks to the true high-definition output of the system.  As always there are some new suits for Mario to try on as well, including the flying squirrel suit which lets you glide across the landscape. These are obvious additions to the series that make the game great but as always, Mario fans hoped for a noble addition to remember.

The level of difficulty has been raised in the new addition with complex level design.  I haven’t ever seen the Mario universe so in motion.  Gears twist and turn in Bowser’s castles, and literal rolling hills pop up with giant peaty piranha plants to snatch you right out of the air. There are also some speed run courses, created by a new character that tries to steal items from toadstools mushroom houses.  Catching him can be pretty difficult when considering the vast moment of the environment but non-the-less so  much fun. The second half of the game is definitely more difficult than the first and once you find yourself riding on the backs of windy turtles you may discover that having another player would be fantastic.  Thankfully a full co-op mode is at your disposal.mario

I played most of the game in cooperative mode and had some incredible moments.  While it takes some practice at first to avoid jumping on your brother Luigi’s head and send him plummeting to his death below, once you’ve got it down it’s a golden moment.  There are a couple of different ways you can be a co-op player.  You can join in with another Wiimote and have your own character, or if you are a beginner you can pick up the Wii U Gamepad and use the touch screen to aid your friends by putting platforms under their feet or interacting with some elements on the screen. I even randomly helped myself out at times by having the Wii U tablet next to me.

If playing the story mode isn’t enough there are other modes to keep your attention.  Coin mode pits two players against each other in a battle for collecting the most coins per stage.  This isn’t just some add-on feature with a short and sweet run through.  Each level in the story mode actually has a custom-built level for the coin stages.  You can literally go through the entire game again in an all out coin collecting competition.  There are five other types of trials as well. coin collection challenges you to collect as many coins as you can while not collecting certain coins, 1UP rally creates a scenario where Mario can jump on several enemies in a row and collect 1UP mushrooms,  time attack which pits Mario against the clock creating incredible speed run sessions, special creates a unique position for Mario where things he must avoid things such as ice balls while standing in just one spot, and boost mode moves the screen along at a faster pace the more coins that are collected.


While New Super Mario Bros. Wii U isn’t the best side scrolling Mario game to date it definitely did some things right.  Interactivity with other players is top-notch in this game.  It creates an atmosphere where the player can choose to be a challenge or allies.  Beyond that, the environments and difficulty level make it well worth it for hardcore Mario fans that have played them all, and even the touch screen helps you include people in the family who are not so well equipped for the challenges.  If nothing else it’s a wonderful launch title for Nintendo’s Wii U creation and a small look into what Mario can become.

New Super Mario Bros. U Gets


Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+Endless modes will keep players busy

+Players from beginner to pro can enjoy every level

+Visually the game is stunning

+Large amount cooperative options

What’s Perpetrating?

-Boost mode is a bit on the boring side

-Same old Mario Story line (whether you love it or hate it.)

-No Online Coop

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    1. Hahah well from experience, I think you have to yell “go in the bubble go in the bubble, NO COME HERE DAMN! GET OUT OF THERE WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” to the person playing in the same room with you. which is why there is no online coop. hahah no but for real they need it.


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