Hitman Absolution Review

hitmane2Real Talk By: KJ

It’s the long-awaited return of everyone’s favorite Contract killer. In this fifth entry, Agent 47’s own company turns on him. Why? The story develops at a steady pace, and we learn more about the Hitman on a personal level. When killing Rogue Agent: Diana Burnwood, 47 learns the truth. In her last words, Burnwood warns Hitman not to give his agency the girl (named Victoria). So while the plot revolves around many characters, Victoria is the one person who brings it all together.

The unique characters range from a Robot-Handed Agency leader, Greasers, filthy Cops and even a Cowboy Hustler. Enemies are various keeping the games locations and NPC’s you come across, very fresh. The S&^% talk yelled by the villains is abundant. Many of the quotes are outrageously funny, and certainly M-Rated. We believe Splinter Cell Conviction has been topped in the fowl mouthed goons department. It makes killing these lowlifes more satisfying.

The graphics are being powered by IO Interactive’s Glacier 2 engine. The visuals in this game can easily compete for best of the year, or this generation regardless of the system. Everything is detailed. Old wooden cabinets, the dirt on the floor, you name it.  Some engines can handle daytime gameplay, but darkness is an issue. Vice versa. Not with this game. Since Absolution sends our Hitman everywhere, your always getting a fresh place to look at, taking in the stylish visuals. The variety doesn’t end there.


Ways you carry out a hit, will decide the amount of cash players rake in per contract. For the casual player who doesn’t like the stealth action, Absolution gives you the Rambo option. Just walk up to the person in public, and Bang! Those who are used to the traditional style of this series, wont be left out. In fact, the game caters more to this audience then the casual. Killing enemies in special way, with a special item, earns a better payout in money and points. Baddies get weird sometimes. Scenarios come up where 47 could be in a closed off area doing a silent kill, yet the guard still picks him up. While special executions earn more points, getting spotted will lower the score. This is why the enemy A.I. has to be adjusted.

At the beginning of each level, friends scores will be displayed at the top of the screen. It adds that competitive aspect without a traditional multiplayer feature. Levels contain plenty of items to pick up and use. Never doubt the power of grab-able items. 47 will find a way to turn an object  into a weapon (Books, Screwdrivers, the list truly goes on). Sabotaging enemies can be difficult to set up, but the payout is huge. Poison some food while in disguise, watch a baddie hit the floor and see the confusion from the other guards. Players can mark enemies Splinter Cell style. Use the patented Silenced Pistols and take out a room quickly. The marking feature runs on your Instinct Meter. When this instinct bar is full, it is possible to walk past enemies in disguise without foes even being suspicious. It shows potential death traps in the area players can use to their advantage, and various weapons.

Contracts mode is a user made feature, where players can design a hit-list. The catch, is the person making the contract would have to complete the hit-list for its acceptance. Make a scenario too hard, you can’t beat yourself, then it wont be available for global uploading. If users kill enemies the same way the contract designer did, the payouts much larger. If they hid the body, you’ll need to do the same. Doing so earns the real money. Using the loot, gamers can unlock ton’s of extra disguises and some nice weapons. Players can also use the money to upgrade firearms.


Its getting harder for players to invest in 60 dollar single player games with all the big time blockbusters embracing online. Hitman Absolution is one game, that belongs next to those. Assassin’s creed sequels set up a cool multiplayer mode, which used stealth gameplay. With this engine it really would have been nice to have a Hitman version of what AC started. Despite that, each level can be played 3 or 4 times. Beating friends’ scores in the 12 hour campaign, and contracts mode only adds to the fun. Hitman Absolution doesn’t require multiple play-throughs, this game demands it.

Hitman Absolution Gets


Out of Five

What’s Legit?

+Outstanding Graphics and overall presentation

+Very high Replay value

+Unique Stealth Tactics

+The King of Chinatown

What’s Perpetrating?

-Enemy A.I. is unbalanced

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