Assassin’s Creed III Review

Real Talk By: Ms. Throwback

Assassin’s Creed III is definitely a contender for game of the year for many people.  It’s anticipation may have topped every other game this year, but does it live up to the hype?  Starting out the visuals are top-notch and can be viewed in 3D if the player chooses to do so, and assuming that you have the proper television.  The scope of the world at first glance seems so incredibly huge that I must say I was slightly overwhelmed. The game is a little slow to start just because there is so much to learn and master before you really dive in.  After I began exploring the vast open-ended world however all that changed and I couldn’t get enough of the beautiful scenery which now changes not only with the seasons but based on weather conditions as well. The game is set in Boston, New York, the Frontier and the Eastern Seaboard with vastly different feels to each area. Gone are the days of boring time between cities as well. villages are located between the cities that can be just as interactive as the cities themselves and one of them includes your very own homestead which acts as your starting point and grows as you progress throughout the game.

Depending on which part of the world you are exploring, you will be happy to experience the things that you have always loved about Assassin’s Creed with some major improvement.  No more worries about trying to climb trees without success, this game creates plenty of opportunity to become a tree climbing expert.  In the city you will find yourself  using classic climbing techniques, and gliding through alley ways.  The way you evade and escape becomes more fun than ever before. Much of the time, the player must take into consideration the weather changes to overcome a challenge.  A new range of weapons makes combat the best it has ever been in the series.  hatchet, rope hook, classic hidden blade, poison darts, bow and arrow, and a number of hunting tools help in not only combat situations but also hunting in the game. Oh and did I mention…guns? That’s right, feel free to sniper blast someone from afar, close up hitman style, fly-by, or if you’re feeling frisky being disgustingly public about it.

If weapons aren’t enough you can always set sail on your very own ship.  Conner uses this ship to sail between destinations which isn’t even the most fun part about it.  Battles are waged in the open sea, which reminds me of another favorite love of mine that used a ship in the sea. This was the only let down for me in the game and it really wasn’t even a big one.  I wish that they had used the times at sea more, I enjoyed setting sail immensely.

The main story line is intense and riveting and not only utilizes the main character Conner, but also allows you to take control of other characters in the game at certain times.  The game encourages you to come back to the main story line but the player is free to explore the amazing environment with some side missions and mini games.  Join a club, accept a challenge, or build on your property outside of the city.  If in case the main story becomes a bore, which would be a rarity, or in case you finish the main story line, you can always venture into a multiplayer experience to entertain you.

The multiplayer experience is as good as it’s ever been with the addition of a tutorial feature that walks you through the ropes so that you can improve upon your weakest areas.  I found it to be quite useful seeing as how some parts of this game can be truly complex.  There are several different modes involved with the multiplayer portion of the game.  Deathmatch mode pits two assassins head to head in a brutal dog fight.  There are also a few cooperative modes.  Wolfpack mode allows you to locate your enemies within a certain frame of time and take them down.  It is definitely a lot of fun and my personal favorite although it can get frustrating trying to beat the timer. Finally Domination mode is a capture the flag type addition where your team tries to take the largest territory.

In the end of ends Ubisoft has done it again.  Action, lust, and adventure are in no short order for this game and it is a definite contender for game of the year.  Even still after the finish of my adventure I find myself craving more assassins creed and have gone back and found even more adventure to be had.  Games like this come around once in a lifetime, it is a rarity these days to be truly impressed.  The amazing scope of the game gives us the feel of a world brought to life again from the 18th century.  Standing atop the buildings and looking down into the bustling town, and rolling evergreen hills, Ubisoft hasn’t just created a game, but an ongoing art piece.

Assassin’s Creed III Gets: 


Out of Five MF’s

What’s Legit?

+ Story Line

+ Visuals

+ Campaign Design

+ Sound

+ Game play

What’s Perpetrating?

– Slow to start

– Game play has a significant learning curve

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