Why Gangnam Style Should be a Mobile Game

Real Talk By: Steph-O (Stephanie Owens)

I am sure most of you are already familiar with K-pop sensation Gangnam Style and its extremely viral music video that took over the internet and has inspired every kind of parody imaginable. If not, you can watch it here (warning: your life will never be the same again), but if you are, you may already be groaning at my proposed idea that this music video would make an amazing video game. I know, I know, you are thinking “I thought we were over Gangnam Style?!”, but hear me out.

There has already been an 8-bit remake, and requests to make Gangnam Style DLC for Dance Central 3, and a mobile game could be the next step. Gangnam Style features a crazy world where the sophisticated lifestyle of Seoul’s Gangnam district is transformed into songwriter PSY’s personal dance party playground.

A mobile game is all that would be needed to allow you to properly explore all of the insanity that is Gangnam Style. In the four minute music video, you see a double decker merry go round, a swan shaped paddle boat, a bright red sports car, a tennis court, an outdoor yoga session, and numerous other characters in addition to PSY himself. PSY’s hilarious personality (and hilarious dance moves) make him an excellent candidate for a video game hero- he even has his own cartoon avatar!

I imagine the game as a side scroller, where cartoon PSY must get through challenges related to the various scenes in his video. The goal could either be to transform high class Gangnam into the world imagined in the video, or just to survive extreme winds, explosions, and dance offs. His main attack will be the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance, and… well I think you know what the sound track would be. Just for fun, here is my animated version of cartoon PSY that I would use for my imagined mobile game!

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