Batman The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1 Movie Review

Real Talk By: Vex

As a fan of Batman and his many animated versions, I have grown accustomed to the level of quality DC injects into his projects. Much like many fans, I was concerned when it was announced Peter Weller was doing the voice for Bruce Wayne spoiler alert aka Batman.  I tend to not like change in my life, hence me still rocking an eight-year-old shirt that reads  “I’m with stupid” that points at….Never mind you get the point. Much like the original comic the story centers around Bruce dealing with aging, in a city that seems to have forgotten the impact of having a caped crusader. Along with Bruce, Harvey Dent makes a return of sorts and along with other new villainous faces, pun intended bringing together a different but familiar take on Bat-hombre.

The question is always the same for me when it comes to animated movies likes this, is it worth the money? If you were a fan of the original comic book tale of this story then yes, same goes for any Batman buff.  In-general I think anybody who enjoys a well told story will. What I enjoyed most was the way Batman’s role was viewed by the different characters throughout the movie. This is not the caped crusader we have grown accustomed to seeing, he is darker and even more critical of his choices. I wish they would have pushed the envelope and made it rated R, but who am I kidding they want to make money and PG-13 is where it’s at.

One of my gripes with this release was the lack of bonus features, I enjoy being immersed into the creative process.  The price should be justified by the amount of content we receive.  Overall I think it’s worth a buy for the hardcore fan at heart, but I would rather wait and buy a box set if it’s made available upon the release of part two. Hopefully they’ll cram it with bonus features.

Visual-isms: In one word Dope. The Blu-ray was made for animated series and films. I’m not aware of how it looks on DVD, because I live in the year 2012 but I assume it is pretty as well. PS that was not an insult to anyone who doesn’t own a Blu-ray, but chances are if you are here, you’re a video file so I reviewed that version to appease you. You’re welcome.

Story-isms: Tight. It veers in some ways from the comic but the changes are well-tailored for the transition into an animated film. If you are a fan of the original comic this wont disappoint because though the tone isn’t as dark, the fundamentals of the story remain the same.

Sound isms: Rico, Suave.  Ok that’s two words, so what? The score was good, but the voice acting stood out. I enjoyed hearing new voices for the characters.

Batman The Dark Returns Part 1 Gets

Out of five

What’s Legit?

+That I can enjoy an animated Batman story without feeling like I’m watching something intended for someone way below my age.

+Once again the story and the voice acting were well executed.

What’s perpetrating?

-The fact that we have to wait and buy part two. Here’s hoping when part two is released they will offer a bundle.

-This got poor promo, c’mon DC, I’ve seen rappers that were tax writes offs get better promotion.


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