WWE ’13: The Major Issue

Real Talk By: KJ

Here are my thoughts and Concerns, for one of my highly anticipated sports titles of this year: WWE ’13. The amount of content coming to the game is welcomed. There are tons of characters we wanted from the first roster announcement, that have been now unveilved. As a big wrestling fan who doesn’t miss a Raw, I was ready to burn THQ for not including the dominant Ryback, and ex Rugby player: Antonio Cesaro. My rough draft of characters unannounced, was every member of Too Cool. This was also addressed. The studio is bringing it on the playable character side of things. Still, I feel that many of the DLC items have been pre-cooked, and just waiting on the disk. This is something that infuriates the old school gamer in me. Costume DLC, not a major issue, Championship belt DLC? Its cool. However, one pack of content coming soon, raised my people’s eyebrow.


Particular wrestler moves are now DLC only. Some aren’t technically “New”. Chris Jericho’s famous LionSault move he’s been using for years: DLC. Since Brock Lesnar’s Return, He’s severely injured, or destroyed his opponents using his Kimura lock. This technique commonly used in MMA fights, is bad news. DLC. Honestly that’s main reason this gamer pre-ordered WWE ’13. I was looking forward to using all his new movesets, leading up the lock. Its like Ice Cream, without the sprinkles. Rocky, no road. Not only that, a player will have to wait to use the technique. On launch day, it’s not happening. Like the Kimura, Lionsault, and the 18 other moves, its locked away till January of 2013. It will be cheap for this pack ($1.99), but this is certainly not the point.

Picture Capcom locking down Ryu’s Hadoken. Silly right? Well, it’s on the same level.

Image Source : http://www.capsulecomputers.com.au/

This will hurt the online community on a competitive level too. Created wrestlers run rampant. People love to abuse overpowered moves, but at least the opposite player could have done the same. Since the game has entered Pay-Per-Move territory, this could easily give the person with green the advantage.

I’m still 100% looking forward to this game, and experiencing my favorite moments of the attitude era. Laying the smackdown and dropping stunners on folks, all that jazz. This title has a lot of characters and features already on the disk. This year at least, it’s enough stuff for this game to get somewhat of a pass. While this discussion might seem small to some, you have to look at the bigger picture. Other publishers might attempt the same thing. It’s all about the money, but where does a game company finally draw the line? My concerns are indeed valid, and must be addressed.

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4 thoughts on “WWE ’13: The Major Issue

  1. Sir I respect your opinion, but at the end of the day this is a business and they are following suit to stay strong in this business. This isn’t the first piece of DLC that has ever come out, you know? Of course you do. They are releasing these moves later on down the line because they are moves that weren’t originally greenlit for the disc by WWE. Furthermore, being apart of one of the largest vocal community on both WWEGames forum and IGN forum, I can tell you that many fans requested there be a “moves DLC” to be put out in the future iteration of the games.

    So THQ shouldn’t make the majority of the fans happy with that at the behest of some people not wanting to wait for their cheap CAW’s not having the moves that they want online? Tough on them, but the moves will eventually be there and, yes, it sucks that we can’t have the Kimura along with other things right off the bat, but it’s better than not having it at all. There are other publishers out there that charge an arm and a leg for DLC and make you wait for months on end to receive it, THQ aren’t doing that to us fans as they are precisely telling us when this DLC will drop and how cheap it is in comparison to most others.

    I understand where your concern is coming from, but I don’t think it is warranted because they are only trying to keep up with the competition and they have to stay competitive somehow. This is how they do it, it’s a double-edged sword that’s for sure, but at least in the end the fans are happy and they get what they want out of it and that’s what is most important.

    Just my opinion anyway.


    1. Im sure those “fans” are happy with spending money for the maneuvers. Listen, I’m more excited than you’ll ever know for this game, but we can’t give a pass for this particular version of DLC. You have to look into the future and see how this could potentially snowball into something bigger outside of this franchise and this company.



  2. I thought that the old Lionsault is still in and this dlc one is a new animated and with a pin option. And i don’t think its wrong that Kimura lock is dlc, i’m glad we are getting it at all since Lesnar didn’t use it till Extreme Rules and most THQ games do a cut off date in mid wrestlemania season.


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