Monthly High Scores: September

KJ, Steph-O, and Ms. throwback, dish out the awards in September 2012′s Monthly High Score list. Check out the Trailer and Game of The Month. A particular downloadable title surprised many, while a returning RPG reinforced its dominance. Which title rose above the rest?


September/October’s  Boss of the Month will be decided on the Fan Page. Hit the spot and cast your vote.


Now, Steph-O brings us the Trailer of The Month!

September’s “Trailer of the Week” articles featured The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot trailer, RayMan Legends Castle Rock Footage, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance trailer, and Total War: Rome II Gameplay Footage. The highest scoring trailer for August is… The Might Quest for Epic Loot! This little game packed a big punch with a humorous and well written trailer that introduced us to the Epic Loot world, characters, and game play. I am looking forward to the release of The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, which is currently in closed alpha, as well as any more trailers Ubisoft Montreal might release for the game in the mean time!


Ms. Throwback brings us the Game of the month

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