Five Awesome Controller Passing Games

Real Talk By: KJ

In a gaming world predominately owned by online competition, the solo players have been left. Split screen is slowly fading away. Wii U might restore its legacy, but only time will tell. Maybe a player just has one controller. It happens. No online connection? I know plenty of nine to fivers without this luxury. Where here for you, this list is designed for those champions, or anybody that wants to play their favorite games in a new way. These titles were designed for the solo player, but can actually provide great multiplayer times. Those who don’t mind passing the controller, this is the list. The greedy gamers can get out!

5. Heavy Rain

This story was intense for many gamers. Tough decisions had to be made. Who was the Origami Killer? It was fun considering the options with a room full of people. In between the story, try letting someone else play (that you trust). Different people/views/opinions equals different outcomes. While the game is almost 90 percent hands free (Zing!), experiencing this with your buddies makes it more accessible. Someone had better buy popcorn for the group.

4. God of War 3

The story is awesome. We know. God of War is famous for two things. Story and brutal combat. After the dust settles in the story mode, many have partaken in the Challenges of Olympus. Fighting under grueling situations is common, none quite deadly as the Combat arena. Before the player enters the battlefield, they can essentially pick their poison. How many enemies will be in the stage? It’s up to the player, or maybe even the person sitting in the room. Players could give Kratos low health, and match him up against powerful enemies. You could really set up a room full of people for success, or failure.

3. SSX (2012)

This game borrowed from trials HD with its online. Your not actually racing again anyone simultaneously, but against their ghosts. The game puts your friends on the screen to make it look their competing against you. My friend could lose to me while im sleeping or watching Sons of Anarchy. It’s not true multiplayer, but it still has the effect, especially when the console is connected to the internet. Plus, some of the slopes later in the game, get really tough so you may need someone else.

2. Batman: Arkham City

Not only is the free-flow technology Rocksteady designed nearly flawless, its enjoyable to watch. Many action adventure games with combat engines are great, but usually the other player cant wait for the person to either die or give it up. Batman Arkham Asylum and City changed the game in that respect. Watching Batman, Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman hand out whippings made up for the wrongdoings of past batman titles. The competition continues in the stealth stages. It’s rare for someone to excel at The survival levels and stealth together, so its cool to have a buddy in tow. You can both take the challenge on. Oh yeah there’s that amazing story mode that comes with the game too.

1. LA Noire

Figuring out the narrative with your friends was a treat. You were treated to a movie like experience from beginning to end. It helped that the facial technology was so amazing. The performances really brought Players into the story. Gathering clues, and saying the right things during interrogations is lot easier when you have a friend right next to you. This is a game that will last for multiple hours. One of the better titles to come out of this generation. It brings in all the elements expect from a single player game, and sets new trends. Truly a modern classic that can be played in a theater full of people or an apartment with two.

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