Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review

Real Talk By: KJ

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is a sequel to one of the best fighters on PS2. The basic concept has not changed. The great thing about this new edition, is that during the Tekken Tag drought, Regular Tekken games have released. These numerated sequels added new moves to our favorite brawlers, and brought in additional fighters, that fit well into the series. So in short, it was worth the wait. Tekken Tag 2 has a roster over 50, so finding your favorite might take a while. Teams consist of the popular 2v2, but there’s 1v1,1v2, and 2v1 for those who appreciate gang tactics. The game tries to balance out the life bars depending on the team discrepancies. For the most part the game feels fair, but there is some lingering issues that must be addressed.

The rage meter from Tekken 6 returns to give a player’s attacks more power if their near death. Some moves do a ton of damage already, combined with the Strong attack/Rage combo, can lead to headaches for newcomers. As many have stated, the game as a package, isn’t noob friendly. There’s an interesting Fight lab mode where you take your “Combot” into different training exercises. Zany challenges are ultimately designed to get newcomers acquainted with the game, but this mode can be tough even in its early stages. Build the Combot to your liking, and take him online in Player matches only. It’s a cool distraction, but it doesn’t fill the mini game void. There’s no force mode, Bowling or any other spin-off challenges in this title.

The presentation is great. Some stages dazzle, and there’s plenty of places to fight. Not simply day and night versions of levels, but serious structural differences. You can knock players into other areas DOA style, extending the battle ground. The Character models are well detailed too. Fighters will get sweaty and dirty depending on the stage, all adding to the high presentation mark. Motion blur is made for fighting games, and this effect helps bring all the other visuals together. The moves just seem to flow.

Players can switch between characters in the middle of a combo, team up and do grab moves as a unit. This adds another level of strategy to the game. Knowing when to tag, can be the final factor in your success. The fighting is truly deep. A person could button mash, but those that sit down and really learn the move-sets, are the ones we wouldn’t want to run into online.

The network mode features the beloved (sarcasm) Online pass, with no trial period. Renters beware, with this game, you’re not going online. Aside from the obnoxious code that wont die, the online play is pretty smooth. It’s little to no lag, this really makes up for Tekken 6’s issues. Lobbies and spectator modes are both here. They can hold 8 of your friends. Players can save replays, and leave comments during other players matches. We leave funny ones over here at Play Legit. Some of the intricate details have still been left though. We wanted to fight with four people simultaneously online. Street Fighter x Tekken offers it, so this wasn’t a demand out of reach. Companies that force a pass on the consumer, need to go all out. There’s no excuses allotted. At least you can do it in Local Play.

Pair Play allows a team to play the arcade mode and complete in a standard versus battles. Its fun in this format, but there’s plenty of other modes. The offline features outside of Fight Lab, brings back Ghost mode. Originating in Tekken 5, Ghost battle lets you fight enemies till your fingers bleed. It’s a shame pair play doesn’t extend to the mode. We could literally run the gauntlet all night fighting downloadable goons. Having consecutive matches with the ghosts will unlock character endings. this really helps out gamers who wish to avoid the boss fights in Arcade. Players will also score alternate outfits, and most importantly: Gold. Stacking riches will unlock even more outfits and props. Some props can be used to harm opponents. Guns, Grenades, Shotguns, the list goes on.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is a game that is strictly for the fighting game fans out there. Plenty of stages and characters make for a game that will stay in a system for a while. Tekken loyalists, this is made for you.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Gets


Out of five

What’s Legit?

+Hip presentation that works

+Characters and Levels are plenteous (Snoop Dogg stage FTW)

+Smooth Online

What’s Perpetrating?

-Online pass with no trial

-Multiplayer limitations

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