Wii U: The Unanswered Questions


  Real Talk By: Vex

Ever since the announcement of the Wii U, many of us here at Play legit have been discussing the console nonstop. Many of the questions we have had concerning its price point potential, processing power, and unique controller have all been tossed around. Today many of the following questions were put to rest.

The Deluxe version is $349.99  It comes in black with 32GB of on-board memory, a charging cradle for the GamePad,  the GamePad, AC adapters for the console and controller, a sensor bar and an HDMI cable. This version includes the Deluxe Digital Promotion, which will provide discounts for digital downloads, through 2014. This version also includes the Wii U game Nintendo Land.

The cheaper balling on a budget version will run ‘U’ for $299.99  It comes in white with an 8GB of on-board memory, the GamePad, AC adapters for the console and controller, a sensor bar and HDMI cable.

The games will now be priced at $59.99 Hopefully this means an end to all that Wii type shovel ware.

It is easy to get caught up in the moment and forget about the details, very important ones at that. One of the first questions that came up was in relation to audio outs, optical out was not mentioned. I was hoping i could sit and play the next zelda thru my surround sound system but that doesn’t seen to be in the cards. Nintendo seems to want to take over the living room just like Microsoft, but at what expense? Are we going to be flooded with adds in Nintendo’s hybrid of xbl meets home? Or are they going to charge for certain on line features via membership?  Wiitv is a widget which was briefly revealed with no further details, Reggie later said in a statement that details will arrive in the coming months. A real downer for me is that Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U are Nintendo’s only confirmed launch day games.

 There seems to be a lot  going on within the Wii U so it concerns me that the cheaper systems seem like nothing more than an xbox arcade sku. With an eminent upgrade needed to space hopefully Nintendo doesn’t gouge the price for the larger hard drive add-ons that are sure to be announced in due time. Even with the larger hard drive offered I’m concerned on behalf of those folks who might want to transfer all the content they purchased from the Wii. Beware tho’, much like the Xbox you need both systems to connect in order to do a transfer, so you might not want to take up that game stop offer of 50 bucks towards a Wii U pre-order, which apparently is a one day offer…wow.

However grim my critic of the Wii U may seem its not at all like that. There is a special feature the Wii U has that needs highlighting. The Black Ops 2 release will feature a new take on split screen co op. Players will  be able to play one character from the Wii mote while the other uses the TV. KJ stated that this might save split-screen play, like XBL and PSN saved side-scrolling arcade games. It is also great to see Nintendo step their online game up, even tho’ they wouldn’t discuss whether a Wii code type gamer tag would still be implemented. Excited as I want to be  for the new Wii, I’m going to hold on to my cheese until further details are revealed.

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3 thoughts on “Wii U: The Unanswered Questions

  1. why hold on to your cheese when you know you’ll end up buying it anyway? thanks for the solid info for sure but whatever nintendo has in store for me I’ve gotta have the low down first hand on day one! I really don’t see the point of having two system types though, just bring the thing out in one version. no body wants a basic system for fifty dollars less. they never has, it costs more in the end of ends.


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