Hitman Absolution: Online Mode

This new mode will allow for some friendly competition. Make your own hit challenges, then share with your friends. This allows for gameplay online or off.. Similar to God of War 3’s survival mode, where the player can basically pick their poison, adding life to this game once the main story is over. How many enemies, the place, and weapons..its up to the gamer. This has been done before, but never taken to the next level. Upload scenarios and make your friends go to work.

Every thing is still based on your performance as a killer. Completion time, and style are all factors within this mode. This will all earn you contract dollars. Agent 47 can unlock more clothes and abilities by spending the contract loot. Stuff will open up to the player just by progressing in the campaign mode as well. Even IO interactive will give its fans preset custom contracts that gamers can play with. This mode is a score battle were itching to be a part of.

Hitman Absolution  is releasing everywhere November 20, 2012 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC

You could cut your buddies scores in half. Literally.

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