Iron Sky: Invasion

Iron Sky: Invasion is a space simulation game inspired by the comedic sci-fi flick Iron Sky. The film, if you are not already aware, features Nazi Germans who fled to the moon and in 2018 return with a space fleet to conquer Earth. The film has become one of this year’s indie film sensations, and Iron Sky: Invasion is its official video game.

Iron Sky: Invasion tasks players with defending Earth from sudden Moon Nazi invasion. But it’s not all about ships and guns- there is an underlying political theme that requires you to consider what you are fighting for, and who you are fighting with (or against).

“We wanted to create a space simulation game blending political and tactical components, with the added absurdity of Moon Nazi humor”, says developer, Miroslav Dymek. “We wanted to bring back Space fighter-style gameplay, and knew from the very beginning the world of Iron Sky would be a perfect match.” To tie in the film even more, the game will utilize actual space ship and zeppelin models from the movie (in addition to the new designs created for the game).

Iron Sky: Invasion is set for release on November 30, 2012 for PC, PlayStation3, and Xbox 360. For more information visit the Iron Sky: Invasion website at

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