Resident Evil 6 New Demo is on the way


Do you remember the Resident evil 6 demo packaged with Dragon’s Dogma? This isn’t it. The all new demo will release September 18, and show the player a sample of three campaigns introducing gamers to new characters and experiences. The demo will feature Offline and Online Coop. This new threat: The J’avo is a global enemy, so it’s up to Chris Redfield and the gang to take it down.

“In addition, for those owners of the PlayStation 3 version of Dragon’s Dogma, the exclusive demo previously only available for Xbox 360 owners will be available from September 5 to download via token redemption on the PlayStation Store.”

Resident Evil 6 is still on track for an October 2, 2012 release on Xbox 360 and PS3. PC owners will get the game a bit later.

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