Monthly High Scores: August

This month is usually the start of great things. A vast amount of quality titles start to emerge, and the competition heats up. KJ, Steph-O, and Ms. throwback dish out the awards in August 2012’s Monthly High Score list. Check out the Boss, Trailer and Game of The Month.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Your boss of the month is Revolver Ocelot of Metal Gear Solid fame. This outlaw is intelligent, and he can’t seem to ever die. Snake’s nemesis ranks as the most BA, because of all these reasons, and the vid below will help emphasize the facts.


Now, Steph-O presents August’s Trailer of the Month

The trailer of month for August is the State of Decay trailer. Blurb:

August’s “Trailer of Week” articles featured Assassin’s Creed 3 Anvil Next, Sleeping Dogs Launch Trailer, WOW Mists of Pandaria, State of Decay, and Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock Introduction. The high score for August is… State of Decay! This unique game concept has been long in the works, and it was really exciting to see the features of this sandbox zombie game at work. If you have not watched it yet (or you just want to watch it again), you can check it out here . Don’t forget to watch the Trailer of the Week every Friday, here at PlayLegit!
Ms. Throwback brings us August’s Game of the Month (From Her Car)
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