‘Call of Duty: Declassified’ Announcement


Real Talk By: KJ

This Call of duty for Vita, will serve as a bridge title between Black Ops 1&2. Find exactly what when down after the credits rolled. Activision’s plans to make player selections incredibly easy using the Vita Touch Pad. While it may not have a true campaign, the title will include Single player missions. Sort of like Spec-ops. Also the game will have Survival, and time trial modes. Zombies maybe?

Declassified will feature Online Multiplayer. 4 on 4 across all modes. Killstreaks, care packages, it’s all here. COD always has more players in motion than this, so it will be interesting to see if players will accept the low player count in this title. Looking at the visuals, they’re pretty impressive for the console, but evidently you cant have both on the Vita at this early stage. You can heat up a grenade with the touch screen and melee. Thats pretty damn cool.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified, Is scheduled for a November 2012 release exclusively on PS Vita.

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