Humble Bundle for Android #3

Real Talk By: J. Valdez

Hey everyone! I want to let you know about the latest Humble Bundle. This time, as the title suggest, the bundle is for Android, however all the games are cross-platform, and as always, DRM free. They also give you the soundtracks to all the games. That’s something you don’t get buying a game on its own. Unless it’s a special edition (I.E. Cost more). Separately you can buy these games for about 52$, but with this bundle they can be yours for what ever you feel like paying! That’s 4 games, for however charitable you feel. 5 games if you pay more than the average of 6.11$. What games are we talking about?


I played fieldrunners on my iPhone one day at work. My productivity plummeted.

Bit Trip Saga

Another really fun game to lose time in.



And the bonus game if you beat the average


Every dollar helps, you can choose how your contribution is distributed. It can go to Child’s Play Charity, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and of course you can distribute some of the money to the developers, or the Humble Bundle site itself. So go on over to the Humble Bundle site and buy those great games! Do it for the kids, or our rights, or both!

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